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How To Use Your Hand To Measure Out Ingredients

Measure Out Ingredients


How To Use Your Hand To Measure Out Ingredients

When you’re following recipes and measuring out your ingredients, make it easy by using your paw as a guide.


Best for measuring 1 cup: Full fist

Every healthy lifestyle should include green veggies, and your full fist equates to 1 cup of these nutritional diamonds. The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology found eating your greens reduces cognitive decline. Snap up your veg to keep your head in the game.       


Best for measuring meat: Palm

The palm of your hand is equal to 3oz of meat, a rich protein source. And a study by McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, found subjects who had a high-protein diet, alongside a training regimen, built more muscle and dropped more weight than those who abstained.


Best for measuring 1 teaspoon: Tip of index finger

Here’s a tip: one teaspoon is equivalent to the top of your pointing finger. Numerous studies suggest cinnamon reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Plus, a study from Rush University Medical Centre found it could also help battle Parkinson’s disease. Let the tip of your finger guide you. 


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Best for measuring ½ cup: Front of clenched fist

Despite their bad rep,  carbs are a great energy source for your workouts, with the right cycling and in moderation. The front of your fist can provide a calorie-packed punch of pasta. The American Physiological Society found those with a tank of carbs will improve endurance performance.


Best for measuring 1 tablespoon: Thumb tip

Foods like peanut butter and Greek yogurt are usually measured using a tablespoon, but you can just as easily use the top of your thumb.

A 2016 study by the University of Houston found peanut butter/peanuts, when eaten as a snack, slashed subjects’ body mass indexes. A thumb-tip’s worth of peanut butter is ideal for a pre-workout snack.


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