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4 Food Trends You Should Actually Be Following

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4 Food Trends You Should Actually Be Following

Food fads come and go but it’s important to make the right choices for your dietary needs in the long term. We round up the food crazes worthy of note.


1. Green drinks

Look at the stars in celebrity magazines and you’ll notice two things they have in common: they all wear makeup that can withstand hurricanes; and they all have a green drink in their hand.

Be sure to add some spinach before liquidizing your greens because it reduces cravings, found research from Lund University, Sweden.


2. Cauliflower

OK, so kale chips, acai berries and chia seeds have been riding the faddist wave in recent years, but good ol’ cauliflower has become a bit of an ‘it’ food lately.

And that’s due largely in part to it being a member of the cruciferous cancer-fighting family and its ability to aid in the prevention of the ovarian and breast variants of the disease.


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3. Grass-fed meat

The Paleo crew brought this one under the spotlight, but is it all that? Well, yes, because grass-fed versions of your favorite cuts tend to be lower in overall fat content than other varieties, found research in the Nutrition Journal, which makes them perfect if you’re looking to enjoy steaks without having to worry about weight gain.


4. Craft everything

Seems every mom and pop store has its own selection of farm-fresh veggies, beers and juices these days. And while studies have shown there aren’t necessarily huge benefits to be had from the nutritional content of organic foods, they do reduce your exposure to nasty pesticides, found research at Boise State University.


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