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12 Keys To Eating Healthy While Traveling

eating healthy while traveling


12 Keys To Eating Healthy While Traveling

Figure athlete Katie Chung Hua gives your her expert advice for eating healthy while traveling and being away from home.


1. Be prepared

The most successful people set themselves up for success. Meal plan so you don’t eat junk food to satisfy your hunger because of time constraints.


2. Track your food

Writing down your food can put what you eat into perspective. You’ll be surprised – maybe you’re over or under- eating for your goals.


3. Stock your travel bag with healthy food

Get rid of the junk food and other bad treats that can tempt you day in, day out.


4. Take a multivitamin

Most people don’t get enough vitamins and minerals from what they eat. Fight cravings by giving your body the nutrients it needs.


5. Limit toppings

All those extra dips like ketchup and BBQ sauce are high in sodium and sugar, which means extra calories. Try salsa, balsamic vinaigrette or hummus instead.


6. Check the labels

Look for things such as aspartame, MSG and hydrogenated oils. Cut them out and your body will function better.


7. Go green with every meal

Greens are high in vitamin C, folic acid and fiber. Try to add something of that color to each dish.


8. Find a table to eat at

If you sit distracted in front of the TV, you don’t realize how much you’ve eaten – or how sedentary you’ve been.


9. Cut soda

If the ingredients alone don’t do enough damage, the combination of sugar, caffeine, and sodium in soda causes dehydration.


10. Sugar-free does not equal healthy

When something says sugar-free, still check the label for toxic ingredients.


11. Pack snacks

Don’t make poor food choices because you’re busy. Throw a protein bar or two into your purse on the way out.


12. Add lemon to your water

Lemons can aid digestion, boost the immune system and alkalize the body.


13. Don’t drink your calories

Don’t waste your intake on high-cal, high-street coffees. Eat whole food.


14. Eat the right carbs

Choose whole grains, black beans and quinoa over white rice and flour.


15. Discover foods you enjoy

Find healthy alternatives to your favorite dishes. Depriving yourself of things you like can lead to overeating junk food and sabotaging your eating healthy while traveling efforts


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