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Does Doing Chores Burn Calories?


Does Doing Chores Burn Calories?

We know that keeping your house in top notch can be a chore (sorry) that you’d rather avoid doing in favor of pretty much anything else, but according to new research, it could be the secret workout you’re missing out on.

The study by the Good Housekeeping Institute found that doing two hours of ‘intense’ household chores can burn over 600 calories. That’s almost double the calories lost in a 5km run.

Researchers from the GHI used FitBit Flex 2 fitness trackers to monitor the number of calories burned when carrying out common chores such as window cleaning, vacuuming and dusting.

They also calculated the average number of calories burned during a 20 or 40-minute session to rank the most demanding workout.

Window cleaning topped the list, with participants burning 115 calories in 20 minutes, on average. Mopping the floor burned 107 calories and cleaning the bathroom came in at just 100 calories.


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Surprisingly, getting the vacuum out came bottom of the list, burning only 86 calories in 20 minutes – we personally disagree.

GHI cleaning expert Verity Mann said: “Unfortunately, there are some labor-intensive chores that need to be done but the good news is that you will be getting fit while you’re doing them.”

It’s important to take into account that while fitness trackers such as FitBit are a good indicator of how hard you’re working, a study found that when counting calories, smart watches can have an error rate as high as 92.6%.

However, while the study may have some flaws, it’s still good to know that when you do have to spend time scrubbing the toilet, you’re getting in an effective workout. It might also be worth letting your partner know, it could inspire them to help you for once!


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