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5 Common CrossFit Myths Debunked

CrossFit myths


5 Common CrossFit Myths Debunked

All you think you know about this physical exercise philosophy is wrong. And elite CrossFitter Brooke Ence is only too happy to put you straight about some of the most common misconceptions.

CrossFit is a training program that will leave you puking, pissing blood and yoked beyond all recognition. Well, at least those are some of the things people believe to be true. It’s also said that CrossFit makes you bulky, and that it’s dangerous. Plus, it’s meant to be replete with cheaters and purely for elite athletes who are all Paleo eaters.

These are just some of the most common misconceptions that far too many people have about the sport, here are some facts to shatter the myths.


1. Crossfit turns you into a beefcake

Arguably the most important truth is that eating donuts and watching Netflix are the real suspects when it comes to getting bulky. The average person does CrossFit for about one hour, three times a week, and I assure you it takes more dedication than that to add quality bulk. So lift heavy more often if you want tone and shape.


2. The worst that can happen

A friend of mine left CrossFit due to the ‘danger’ factor, then went on to break his foot playing raquet ball a few months later. Funny how those things happen. If you do more than sit on your couch while doing 8oz curls, you risk getting injured.

It’s up to us as individuals as to whether we want to be risk-takers or hide away from things that might happen.


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3. Do cheaters prosper?

If you think CrossFitters are cheats and wannabe gymnasts, in some cases you might be right. We practice techniques like kipping pull-ups, kipping muscle-ups and kipping handstand push-ups for times when our repetitions are high and speed is key.

To the exercise purists out there, when you ‘kip’ a movement, that’s not a way to ‘cheat’ your way through it, it’s to add skill and increase efficiency.


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4. It’s for elite athletes

Obviously, those that have come from an athletic background tend to progress faster than those who didn’t, but that doesn’t mean all is lost for a total novice. If you want to be a healthier and fitter you, then make the decision today to try something new, leaving the fear of failure at home.

Start right now instead of worrying about what happened yesterday: this is something I tell myself every time I feel guilty about nutrition or training decisions I’m not proud of. You can change your life massively thanks to those little decisions you make daily.


5. The Paleo CrossFit connection

Following a paleo diet is a great way to change your eating habits and help you work toward a healthier lifestyle. However, this dietary strategy is not the be-all and end-all.

Listen to your body and whoever is your go-to guru for nutritional advice. Be your own experiment when it comes to finding what’s going to work for you in the kitchen.

There are many more misconceptions you might have about the world of CrossFit and you’ll no doubt stumble across more of them. Yes, some women have better physiques than some of the men, and the advanced athletes will outperform the novices, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you.

Its unique brand of fitness will benefit you if you’re willing to practice it. Pair that with a good diet like, but not limited to, paleo and any couch potato can become an athlete if they work hard enough.


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