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9 Gym Pet Peeves We All Have

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9 Gym Pet Peeves We All Have

Going to the gym can be a wonderful experience. A room filled with likeminded folk, all looking to get a grip on their health and look a bit better in their LBD.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows the gym etiquette or understands that it isn’t their own personal space. This can lead to a lot of annoying people doing things that rub us up the wrong way. Here are just a few.


1. Not wiping down machines

We all sweat, no one is grossed out by that. What is unacceptable, is refusing to wipe up the leftovers of your workout so everyone else has to sit in your sweat. A lot of gyms offer cleaning spray and tissues to wipe down the equipment, so there really is no excuse to be unhygienic.


2. Staring

Gawping at people is not flattering, it’s just frustrating. If you’re curious about what they’re doing and want to ask a question, then ask. Staring at someone to learn how to do a burpee isn’t appropriate and can often be distracting. You may just be admiring their booty gains, but stop it. Or at least be subtle.


3. Leaving weights everywhere

The ultimate sin. Leaving your unused weights around the weight room is dangerous and disrespectful to your fellow gym goers. Having two different barbells, a kettlebell and a few dumbbells isn’t essential for your workout. Especially at 7pm when everyone’s fighting over them anyway. Sharing is caring.


4. Hoarding machines

Your two minute rest period isn’t an opportunity for you to update your Instagram story or tweet #gymlife. Hogging a machine is a big no-no and you aren’t going to make any gym buddies if you keep it up.

If you see someone hovering next to you (not in an annoying way), the etiquette is to ask them whether they want to rotate in. You stand up and let them do their set and during their rest time, you do yours. This is a particularly useful strategy during peak hours.



5. Grunters

When someone pushes their body to the limit and needs to release the tension with a little grunt, it’s fine. In fact, well done you for working hard! When someone grunts every time they pick up a weight, something is a bit fishy and honestly, it just makes everyone feel uncomfortable. Kindly stop, thanks.


6. Selfie lovers

We all know someone who spends their sesh sending snapchats or taking selfies, documenting their whole journey through the eye of their camera and it’s. so. damn. annoying. Taking up valuable mirror space to have a mini photoshoot is not a productive use of your time and it’s irritating the rest of us.


7. Unrequested advice

If you think it’s acceptable to approach a stranger in the gym and give them your unsolicited advice, don’t be surprised when you’re met with a less than satisfactory response. If someone is being dangerous with the equipment, that may be the time to step in and offer some helpful guidance, but everyone is entitled to work out in peace. Save your comments for Facebook.


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8. Loud music

I thought I had entered a gym, not a rave. Why gyms feel the need to play the music so loud is baffling. Most people arrive, armed with headphones, ready to bang out their workout playlist, so it’s not necessary to blast the latest club hits at 5am, thanks.


9. Nudists

You may feel comfortable walking around in your birthday suit, but that doesn’t mean everyone does. A quick change between your gym leggings and underwear isn’t going to offend people, but strutting around with everything on display might. Remember that the locker room is still a public space and not your personal space.


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