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Five Ways B-Elite Fuel Can Help Keep You On Track



Five Ways B-Elite Fuel Can Help Keep You On Track

Food prep got you down? Well, it’s no wonder. Between long hours devoted to creating macro-matching meal plans to time spent scouring supermarket aisles for the best deals on lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats, weekly meal prep can be downright exhausting. And that’s all before you’ve even fired up a pan.

If you can’t carve out weekend time to cook your Monday to Friday meals, don’t worry, there is a solution: B-Elite Fuel. Unlike the rest of the frozen-foods section, they’re free of excessive sodium and saturated fat. With up to 41g protein in every meal, low salt and only clean, whole food ingredients, these will ensure you don’t miss a beat on your healthy-eating programme.

Shannon Clark Personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science and Sport Performance shares her are five ways B-Elite Fuel can help keep you on track when life gets hectic so you’re always eating to support your goals.


1. Minimum effort for maximum results

It’s worth keeping these ready-to-go meals on hand at work and home to save yourself from making bad diet decisions on busy days. You know those days when you come home from work exhausted, only to remember that today was the day you’d planned to cook. But now it’s late and you haven’t even been to the store yet. With B-Elite Fuel, you now have a far smarter option at your fingertips. Just pop one of the frozen meals into the microwave and you’ll be eating quality nutrition in minutes, no effort required.


2. Shorten the meal-prep process

These meals will slice hours off your weekly meal-prep, giving you ample time to hit the weights, hang with your family or simply relax after a gruelling week. You certainly don’t need to replace all your weekly meals with them, but you can easily replace breakfast, lunch or dinner with one.

The benefits add up quickly because if you’re eating 4-6 meals per day it means you’re making 28-42 meals per week. But if two or three of those daily meals are B-Elite Fuels’, you can half the time you need to spend in the kitchen and have more chill time.


3. Eliminate guesswork from your diet

For anyone who wants to track their calorie and macronutrient intake but really can’t be bothered weighing, measuring and precisely accounting for every meal during food prep, B-Elite Fuel can definitely help. It’s easy to scan into MyFitnessPal and the nutrition labels are as simple as they come. They contain all the key nutrients and fibre your body needs from whole-food sources, and there are no hard-to-pronounce chemical ingredients, no harmful trans fats and no artificial or processed ingredients. Of course there are several meal-delivery companies that offer a similarly convenient service, but these are often far more expensive.


4. Travel with peace of mind

When you’re not home and don’t have access to everyday amenities, meal prep can feel like a near impossible task. Not knowing your daily schedule or if you’ll have access to healthy restaurant options can make planning your macros on a trip difficult. Unless you plan on getting a full-scale kitchen suite wherever you’re staying, you just can’t cook up the healthy meals you’d normally eat at home.

With B-Elite Fuel, all you need for healthy meals is access to a freezer and microwave. These meals are flash-frozen at the peak of freshness, and their recyclable packaging, containing a heat tray, plastic film so they can be steamed and two separate compartments to prevent protein juices mixing with other meal chambers, help them retain the highest nutritional value. Plus, you can even order them direct to your destination.


5. Summon your inner chef

If your inner chef is itching to break out, but you lack the cooking  confidence to prepare a whole meal, B-Elite actually provides a great middle ground. Each meal comes minimally seasoned, which gives you the chance to be as creative as you’d like.

Whether you’re chowing down on chicken breast, sweet potatoes and green beans, or opting for a sirloin burger, brown rice, and broccoli, all of these meals are easy to jazz up. Put your own signature slant on them by adding your own low-calorie condiments like your favourite hot sauce or special mustards. Feeling fancy? Add fresh herbs, like coriander, basil or parsley, to take things to the next level. Bon appetite!


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