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Avoid Injuries With Your Diet


Avoid Injuries With Your Diet

How intense should your workout be? As intense as possible, of course – but without being so tough you get injured.

A recent article in The Physician and Sports medicine reported that, as women, we have unique biomechanical, anatomic and hormonal factors that make us more prone to ACL injuries, knee problems and stress fractures in the legs and feet. Follow these tips below to replace your PT with PBs.


Supplement the right way

In a recent Sports Medicine article, it’s claimed that leucine, creatine and omega-3s might not help retain muscle or accelerate healing as quickly as thought. If you get enough protein, vitamins and minerals, your body will heal as fast as it can without the extras.


Don’t let yourself get deficient

Don’t use multivitamins as a crutch. Instead, ensure that 90% of your diet consists of healthy foods so you’re always procuring ample nutrients. Deficiencies make you more prone to injury and slow the healing process.


Never skimp on protein

Protein is an obvious nutrient for building and maintaining muscle, and boosting your immune system. Eat it with every meal – at least 0.7g per pound of bodyweight – to prevent and treat injuries.


Keep your engine running

A low calorie diet will make you lose weight, but The American College of Sports Medicine recommends you never consume fewer than 1,200 calories per day.


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