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Alkaline vs Acidic foods

alkaline vs acidic food chart


Alkaline vs Acidic foods

Our bodies maintain a pH balance that measures the acidity in our blood. That level of acidity can determine our overall health and potential risk of illness. Blood is measured on a pH scale from 0 to 14 with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being highly alkaline. An ideal pH level for our blood is around 7.35 if our bodies are too acidic that creates breeding grounds for our bodies to become ill and develop disease.

Acidic: 0.0–6.9
Neutral: 7.0
Alkaline (or basic): 7.1–14.0

Fruits and vegetables make up the majority of the most alkaline foods. A food’s pH is measured by the residue or “ash” left in the body after it has been metabolized, otherwise known as “metabolic waste”. If you consume foods that leave an acidic ash, it will cause your blood to be more acidic. If you consume foods that leave an alkaline ash it will leave your blood more alkaline which is known to be preventative, helping to maintain a body free of disease. This doesn’t require extremes. You don’t have to rule out all acidic foods. Simply choosing more alkaline foods will prevent your blood from becoming too acidic

An acidic environment leaves less oxygen available for energy production. By neutralizing with proper nutrition you will have more energy, and the body will produce it more easily. High acidity can also promote muscle wasting and reduced bone density. Alkaline foods are rich in nutrients and help with improving musculoskeletal health, and prevent the activity of osteoclast cells that break down bone. Inflammation is also reduced significantly with an alkaline diet

Short term symptoms that may indicate your body is on the more acidic spectrum of pH levels

<li>Low energy</li>
<li>Brain fog or confusion</li>
<li>Anxiety and depression</li>
<li>Frequent headaches</li>
<li>Frequent colds</li>
<li>Joint pain </li>
<li>Muscle weakness</li>
<li>Digestive issues such as bloating </li>

Highly acidic foods

<li>Grains </li>
<li>Oil </li>
<li>Coffee </li>

The most alkaline foods are plant based. The more you add them to your diet, the more neutralized your pH levels will be, improving overall health. It’s also important for people who engage in strenuous exercise to choose alkaline foods. Lactic acid can cause blood acidity and even though our bodies have a buffering system to help with these pH levels it’s possible for them to fail and wear out over time depending on the health of the individual.

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