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A 250 Calorie Deficit Is All You Need to Lose Weight


A 250 Calorie Deficit Is All You Need to Lose Weight

Diets are all about reduction. You reduce what you eat so you can reduce how much of you there is. Easy. Take something away to be less of who you are. Diets used to be proprietary knowledge. You had to pay for their secrets. That secret and plan was the key to unlocking results. Today there are no secrets. If you have an internet connection, you do if you’re reading this, then you have the means to find out what to do to lose weight. Saying you don’t know what to do isn’t an excuse anymore. It’s a cop out lie. Put it to bed. Truth be told, there is no magic formula. However, there is an easy way.


Diets All Work

If you’re following the reduction model, a diet will work. By what degree is only a matter of adherence. Are some diets easier than others? Nope, says a paper in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. They found there was no convincing evidence one diet was easier to stick to than another. Try to stop yourself from putting your favorite foods into your mouth and you’ll find it’s not stress-free. That said, if you’re having to cook elaborate meals that are challenging to prepare or find, then it will be a big stress. Stress makes it easy to stop. Stopping shouldn’t be made easy.


Small Actions Big Results

Fortunately, you don’t need to make sweeping changes to your food supply if you want to lose weight. All you need to do is shed 250 calories from your daily intake. That’s not very much. When obese people stopped eating this many calories each day and took up exercising their heart health skyrocketed, found a paper in the journal Circulation. No surprises there, huh? What is noteworthy is that the study was divided into three groups. One group only exercised, the other exercised and followed a more restrictive lower calorie diet, but it was the moderate exercise coupled with a 250-calorie reduction group who showed the most improvements and greatest weight loss. You don’t need to make sweeping changes to your diet to clock up results. You just need to make subtle adjustments that you may not even notice.


What Does 250 Calories Look Like?

That’s a large soft drink at the gas station. A candy bar. It’s swapping a large fries for a small. These are the kind of adjustment you probably won’t notice. However, if you switch to lower calorie options then you sacrifice nothing. Try high protein pancakes, such as SINFIT’s premixed pancakes, which can increase your protein intake while lowering calories. If you want to keep eating your regular pancakes in the morning, then you can try their zero calorie syrups that are a tastier substitute for the traditional maple syrup. Getting rid of those 250 calories is all about eating smarter. You don’t have to go without. You simply need to be a little more selective at the check-out. Look for the high calorie foods you already eat then find a substitute to create that deficit. Your heart will thank you.



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