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This Blogger Is Showing Us What Calories Really Look Like

Fashion Fitness Foodie


This Blogger Is Showing Us What Calories Really Look Like

These days, it can be difficult to navigate through the world of health and fitness. One week we should be drinking wine, the next we shouldn’t – it’s exhausting and complicated.

Food companies aren’t helping either as many promise to be healthy alternatives to our favorite office snacks. Labels all shouting ‘low sugar’, ‘free from’ and ‘low calorie’. We’re not sure what to believe anymore.

One fitness blogger isn’t buying the BS and is on a mission to show us that, what we think is good for us, isn’t always. Lucy Mountain AKA The Fashion Fitness Foodie has taken to Instagram to smash the preconceptions we have about nutrition.



“The goal for me personally has always been to remove the idea of single foods being “good” or “bad”. My posts (hopefully) liberate people, showing you can enjoy all the foods you love and still be ‘healthy’ in a (hopefully) really non-intimidating, approachable way.” Lucy told

Although it’s sad to see that Belvita biscuits aren’t the solution to a healthy breakfast, it’s important we learn to look past the packaging and educate ourselves on nutrition.



The 25-year-old from London has built up over 65m followers on Instagram and takes a refreshing look at the industry. Calling out everything from transformation pictures to Instagram pods. We’re 100% behind her authenticity and aesthetic, but also sad that we can no longer say veg crisps are healthy.



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