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Trust The Process


Trust The Process

It goes without saying that anything worth having takes time, yet one of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that it’s been weeks and they are not seeing results. The scale hasn’t moved, the tightness on their clothes hasn’t changed, therefore the program they are following must be a scam. Wrong. It’s their minds that are leading them astray. Rest assured, if you are in week four of an 8-week transformation and have yet to see results, this is normal. Same goes for someone on a 12-week plan. It may take six weeks or more for you to notice a difference. What doesn’t help is if you are on that tipping point and decide to give up and have that cheesecake or skip your cardio. As they teach in sales, you never know when you may be hitting gold. You could be one cardio session away from seeing a drop on the scale or from feeling a release in your clothes. Don’t give in.

This may not be the case for other women. Some women may see a change in a week! Don’t worry about them. Stop stalking them on Instagram. Keep your head focused on your goal and worry about you. Make sure you are ticking of all of your boxes every day because at the end of the day you are only responsible for yourself and your actions. Are you ready to give reaching your physique goals another chance?

Here is my quick start guide to lose weight that doesn’t involve going to the gym:

1. Hydrate. Increase your water consumption to at least two gallons a day. I like to drink Hydracharge from Kaged Muscle because the natural flavor entices me to drink more and it’s loaded with electrolytes.

2. Start your mornings with this 3-step metabolism booster:
a. Before drinking your coffee, grab a cold glass of water and take this Fat Loss Supps Stack:
i. Kaged Muscle Supplements Clean Burn, a natural fat-burner that helps reduce hunger cravings.
ii. Berberine – a compound derived from the plants that helps regulate metabolism that has been found to inhibit the growth of fat cells at the molecular level.
iii. 20ml of apple cider vinegar + 20ml of organic lemon juice + 20ml of filtered water.

b. Movement: After having your coffee and supplements go on a 20-30 minute walk or do some sort of steady state cardio.

c. Cold therapy: After cardio take a 3-5 minute cold shower. I challenge you to be consistent with this for one month. Consider it a social experiment! Getting in shape is not rocket science, but it does require dedication and discipline. Are you up for it?

Expert – Sibylle Gorla: Her strategies to keep you in love with fitness aren’t just theory; she’s walking the walk, riding the bike and lifting the weights to become the best version of herself.

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