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Add These Moves To Your Workout To Burn More Fat

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Add These Moves To Your Workout To Burn More Fat

If you’re chasing the kind of muscle that burns fat, these are the brutal additions you need to make to your workouts to get lasting improvements to your physique.

The results you get from your workouts depend on the level of effort or intensity, during training. One of the principles of progress is to train with intensity high enough to stimulate growth without leading to over-training. The higher the intensity, the less volume you need and which allows for some variation that’ll allow for continued improvements. There are many intensity increasers but the following are the ones that yield the best results.


Forced reps

After going to failure on a set, have your training partner assist you in the completion of three additional reps by applying just enough pressure on the bar or machine arm to allow you to finish each rep.

Negative reps

Aim to use 140% of the weight used during typical sets. Have your partner(s) lift the weight, transfer it to you and lower to a count of 8. These are more effective at building strength than the concentric (positive) portion of the rep.

Static holds

It’s better to use machines for these because they are easier to control and are safer. Use as heavy a weight as you can control for the desired hold time. Try changing up the hold times to give your muscles varied stimulation, which prevents them from becoming immune to your workouts.

Super slow reps

It involves a drastic slowing of rep speed to place a greater tension on a muscle by increasing the cross-links between the fibers. Try lowering it for 10 seconds and taking four seconds to raise the weight.

Drop sets

If you’re using a selectorized machine, change the pin to the next lightest setting after completing an initial set. Do as many reps as you can before reducing the weight once again. Continue until you have done a series of 5-6 mini-sets.


Putting it all together

These HIT variables give exercisers great tools to add to their training programs. Since high intensity training uses such a high threshold of effort, it is imperative to be mindful of the volume of training. Do the proper amount of training to stimulate growth in the muscle while giving your body ample time to recuperate between workout sessions. Try the following program for arms:


Super slow: Barbell curls – 1×5-10/4 cadence
Super slow: Seated dumbbell triceps extensions – 1×5-10/4 cadence
Super slow: Close-grip bench press- 1×5 – 10/4 cadence
Super slow: Barbell wrist curls-1×15 – difficult to use a 10/4 cadence

WEEK 3-4

Forced reps: Barbell preacher curls – 1×8+3 forced reps
Forced reps: Dumbbell hammer curls – 1×10+2 forced reps
Forced reps: Cable triceps power push-downs – 1×10+3 forced reps
Forced reps: Dumbbell triceps kickbacks – 1×10+2 forced reps
Forced reps: Barbell reverse wrist curls – 1×15+2 forced reps

Barbell curls -1×8-lower to an 8-count.
Rest one minute
Overhead cable curls – 1×8 – Same as above
Standing cable triceps press-downs – 1×8 – Same as above
Rest one minute
Seated triceps dips – 1×8 – Same as above
Barbell wrist curls – 1×12 – Same as above

Static hold: Machine curls – 1×12-10 second holds with 10-second rest periods
Static hold: Seated machine triceps
extensions – 1×12-10 second holds with 10-second rest periods
Static hold: Reverse wrist curls – 1×8- 10-second holds with 10-second rest periods

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