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Strength Building Techniques

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Strength Building Techniques

Give your workout intensity a new spark using this results-focused strength building technique that’ll transform your muscle power.


What: High Intensity Intermittent Training

Why: At-home workouts have become a new normal while individual personal fitness goals have greatly increased despite limited equipment on offer. With these changes, finding the proper technique to increase strength is extremely important so this system has become the most effective technique


How it works

The simple definition is short bursts of very hard work. It’s wise to use this technique during your strength-training workouts as it is very effective at building muscle when done in-between sets. A typical example may include a structure such as this when training shoulders. You’d choose 4-5 shoulder exercises as the strength-training portion of your workout, and 4-5 HIIT cardio-based exercises to throw in after certain sets. You’d do the strength move, followed directly by a short burst of the cardio exercise


Why it works for women

This technique is very effective for women because not only are you building strength, you are increasing endurance, lung function and glucose metabolism. One of the perks of this type of training is that you can achieve a great workout in a shorter time – it’s great for individuals who don’t have much time to spare. Switching between strength and cardio moves like this actually helps you burn up to 900% more fat and sees an 82% bigger improvement in muscle gains compared to doing strength and cardio work separately, found research at the University of California.


Use It

Here’s an example of a typical shoulder workout

Arnold press x 12 reps for 2 sets

HIIT battle rope slams for 20 secs (max effort)


Lateral raises x 12 reps for 2 sets

HIIT kneeling battle rope snakes for 30 secs (max effort)


Barbell push press x 12 reps for 2 sets

HIIT battle rope jumping jack for 30 secs. (max effort)


Barbell upright rows x 15 reps 2 sets

HIIT battle rope snakes with step-ups for 30 secs on each leg


Push-up plank to forearm plank x 15 on each arm

HIIT treadmill sprints x 3. 30 sec sprint with 30 sec rest


You don’t need to limit it to a singular body part and can apply the principles to a full body routine, such as the workout below.


High knees 30 secs rest 10 secs

Dumbbell bent over rows x 15 reps

Burpees x 15 reps

Lying chest press to sit-up x 15 reps

Tuck jumps for 20 secs

Stationary curtsy lunges x 12 on each leg

Squat jumps 30 secs

Barbell clean and press x 12 reps

Mountain climbers for 30 secs

Bicep curl runners for 30 secs

Push-up plank with shoulder taps for 30 secs

Dumbbell triceps extensions x 15 reps

Repeat circuit x 2-3 sets


[xhead] The Payoff

There are several different varieties of HIIT exercises to keep your workout intense. Some of the possible impacts of adding this type of training into your regimen are an increased heart rate, excessive sweating, increased soreness, and feeling like a badass because of what you’re capable of.  It’s definitely a style of training that pushes your comfort level further while helping to build confidence. The payoff is extreme fitness gains and the results are endless. This is one of the most effective techniques to reach any number of fitness goals.




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