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7 Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Injured

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7 Ways To Stay Positive When You’re Injured

You know the feeling when something goes bang! A niggle or twinge develops and turns into enforced time out from training.

Few athletes can go through a full year without a bit of time off. But it doesn’t have to be the end of the world if you just re-frame the problem. Alice Hector shows you how.


1. Remember that your body is trying to help you out

Chronic injuries are caused by a weakness or issue elsewhere. The symptom is a clue as to where the problem is. The pain is the warning light to say it’s time to get it sorted. It’s a reminder you’ve neglected something.


2. Explore other fitness

It is a kick up the backside to get back on the core stability or “prehab” program. Whether Pilates, kettlebell, bodyweight or yoga, it’s time to strengthen and lengthen. Be pro-active. An injury rarely means total rest.


3. Don’t beat yourself up

It’s a sign you’ve pushed too hard, too soon. A lot of injuries come after either too much intensity or too much volume, combined with not building up gradually. Stop trying to be such a super-hero.


4. Research your injury

If you improve your knowledge of the injury and you’ll be better geared up to prevent it happening again.


5. Review your kit.

Things like trainers need replacing every six months.


6. Rebuild your motivation.

No matter how bad the weather, most runners would take a wet jog over being injured.


7. Allow yourself to rest

It’s a good thing. A week or two of training will not affect fitness much and may actually improve it if you work on your weak points.


For anyone seriously into fitness, an injury is hard to deal with. Treated correctly, the only outcome is that you will become a better athlete for it.


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