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Starting Out The Right Way – Madison Taylor

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Starting Out The Right Way – Madison Taylor

Madison Taylor found her calling early and decided to become the strongest woman she could be. This is how it changed her for the better.

Vital Stats

Before // Age: 14, Weight: 116lb, Height: 5’1”
After // Age: 17, Weight: 137lb, Height: 5’2”


I met people from the fitness community who inspired me and I was welcomed with open arms. As my strength, confidence, and mindset grew, it made being healthy and strong so much better than being skinny. I became so much more aware of myself and my body. Being so young, I’m lucky to know and care about my body as much as I do, and I owe it all to people who took me under their wing in the fitness community.

muscular woman in the gym performing a cable row


I started my fitness journey while entering my freshman year of high school, so my ‘nutrition habits’ included donuts, pizza, and ramen noodles. It wasn’t until I began having to balance my bodyweight and strength to stay in a competitive weight class that I actually learned the secret to proper nutrition – that there is no secret. Three years later, I’m so much more aware of how to fuel my body properly. I’ve reached out to local nutritionists to teach me all about portions, macros, and essentially how the bottom line is there’s no way to cheat when it comes to nutrition. I now stick to a whole foods diet with everything as single-ingredient as possible, but I don’t restrict myself by any means. I eat what I need to eat so my body will work at its best. As long as you eat to fuel your performance, it’ll show, both physically and through your lifts.


Being a powerlifter, an integral part of being competitive is my weight class. My first year lifting, my weight in the 123lb class was a breeze. However, my strength back then was nowhere near where it is now. I spent the next two years getting stronger while trying to stay at the same bodyweight. It became impossible and cutting weight was completely unhealthy. Less than a month later, I gained 9lb, went up a weight class, and set four APF national records. It was only then that I realized how much more potential I had if I put on more weight. I learned it’s not about the number on the scale but rather crushing the goals I had set for myself.

fit woman flexing biceps in the mirror at the gym


I stick to the basics. Protein shakes, pre-workout, and BCAAs are all I’ve ever used and they work great for me, so I don’t try anything else. I’ve tried and loved plenty of protein shakes, I usually only use C4 as a pre-workout, and Scivation for my BCAAs.


Cardio: 35 min HIIT elliptical workout or 30 min HIIT treadmill sprint workout + abs or adductions/abductions

DAY 1: Back/bis

  • Sumo deadlift 3×6
  • Pull-downs 3×8
  • Straight bar curls 3×8
  • Rope curls 3×8
  • Lat pull-downs 3×8
  • Lower cable row 3×8
  • Pull-ups 3×8
  • Machine bicep curls 3×8
  • Compound row 3×8
  • STD w dumbbells 3×8
  • Back extension 3×8

DAY 2: Chest/shoulders/tris

  • Bench press 3×6
  • Machine push-down dip 3×8
  • Incline bench press 3×8
  • Shoulder press 3×8
  • Dips 3×8
  • Straight bar push-downs 3×8
  • Rope push-downs 3×8
  • Behind neck DB extension 3×8
  • 7-7-7 push-ups (7normal, 7wide, 7close)

DAY 3: Cardio

DAY 4: Legs

  • BB squat 3×6
  • Horizontal leg press 3×8
  • Leg curl 3×8
  • Vertical leg press 3×8
  • Back squat 3×8
  • Weighted lunges 3×8
  • Leg extension 3×8
  • Hamstring extension 3×8
  • Hip raise to hamstring curl 3×8
  • Step-ups 3×8

DAY 5: Rest

DAY 6: Cardio

DAY 7: Rest

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