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Setback Attacks

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Setback Attacks

Kate Hockett was studying to be a nurse after having her first baby but was struck down by illness. This is how she fought back to turn her life around.

Vital stats

Height: 5’ 7”

Before //  Age: 27, Weight: 175lb

After  //  Age: 27, Weight: 140lb


After having my son Logan in April 2017, I was lucky to have the whole summer off. At the time I thought I would have the motivation to lose weight and become my normal self again. Sadly, I underestimated the life of a new mom. Though I loved it, every day was a learning experience. From breastfeeding to taking care of my son, and managing my time I was always busy, but also very tired and working out was not even a thought in my mind.


I knew I needed to get started on an exercise program because I was stuck between not fitting in my regular clothes, and my pregnancy clothes being too big. I had more stretch marks then I could count, which were very hard to accept, leaving me feeling terrible, inside and out. However, I was trying to remember every day how lucky I was to create a life. When school started again, I had not lost any weight and was angry with myself.


Initially, I began doing my own healthy meal prep and used my treadmill again, but I had to get a kidney stone removed and then had a problem with my gall bladder, which also had to be surgically removed. This led to several weeks in the hospital and it was a lot to cope with while being at school and caring for my son. Eight months later, I still had not lost the weight and felt terrible. I told myself I didn’t have the time, but in reality that was just an excuse so at the start of January 2018 I found an exercise program that took the guess work out of my training.


I stuck to a bodyweight routine I could do at home and ate well and I lost 18lb in a month, which made me even more motivated. I found new routines and continued to eat healthier and healthier. This made me more confident and I became a better mother, student, wife and person as a whole. I am still unbelievably busy every night and weekend. This means I’ve changed my goal to getting in workouts when I can while aiming to do 3-4 sessions a week, and try and maintain my eating as well as I can. Life happens and that’s inevitable, but we must do the best we can!

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