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Stacy Dill Used Fitness To Help Get Through Tough Times

Stacy Dill


Stacy Dill Used Fitness To Help Get Through Tough Times

Stacy Dill found taking care of herself was a far more effective way of getting through her emotional pain.


Eating to escape it all

There is a list of terrible things that were unfortunately part of my childhood (abandonment, abuse, divorced parents, depression), which crushed me.

How did I react? I ate ’till my mind went numb, used Ambien to force me to sleep and Prozac to balance my mood. The roller coaster of diets and fitness programs started; every time I fell off the wagon I’d gain it all back plus 10-20 pounds.


It dawned on me

The girl staring back at me in the mirror wasn’t me. I needed to start taking care of myself and truly start living a full life, but
I had no idea where to start.


A lot is in the mind

I met with trainer Jeremy Scott and cried as I asked him to help me lose 100 pounds. I thought it be just nutrition and fitness, but discovered mindset was the key.


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Up your motivation

As the weight loss started slowing down, I started to add new goals to keep me motivated. I climbed taller mountains, tried kayaking, I ran a 5k, then a 10k and, eventually, a half marathon.


Slowly but surely

At first each workout was its own kind of hell for me. Day one at the gym; my anxiety was off the charts and I cried. I made it through the workout not feeling like the slow fat girl, but feeling like the slow fat girl who finished the workout and did not die.


Learn from failure

Over time, I got the hang of logging my meals. I made sure I was completely honest with myself and logged even the days I ate too much. With each failure I learned what food I couldn’t have in my house. I cut out sweets and my pallet changed; soon they didn’t taste as good.


Stop comparing

When you start comparing yourself to others at the gym, STOP. We all train, each of us at our own level doing things at our own pace. No one cares how slow you go, we are competing with no one except ourselves.


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