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Six Easy Ways To Hack The Keto Diet

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Six Easy Ways To Hack The Keto Diet

Life hacks and short cuts. On forest pathways, they’re the kind of things that are lovingly maintained by stalkers. On keyboards, they’ll make you feel like you’re decoding the Matrix. When it comes to your diet, they can leave you feeling like you’re being chased by a guilty specter of your former O-shaped avatar. Hacks shouldn’t operate that way. Eating keto needs to be relatively easy and simple or you’ll fall off the wagon. It should be one successful shortcut after another on the route to success. So, to help you avoid taking the long way around, here are a few useful ways to hack the system.

  1. Buy or download a plan

Planning takes time. But there’s no need to carve a new path when someone (preferably an expert) has done it for you. Keep it easy and fuss-free.

  1. Take your sugar money and spend it on spices

These can be dried or fresh but learn how to use them in exciting ways even if you’ve bought a diet plan. It will kill cravings for carbs and sugar while putting an end to you lusting after old ways of eating because this will be way too delicious.

  1. Start your shopping trip with the non-keto-friendly aisles

Supermarkets are designed to put all the fresh health stuff at the front, so that trolley of leafy green veggies won’t make you feel guilty about buying the six-pack of Magnum ice-creams at the back. Rather shop in the reverse order to how the store is laid out. The system is designed to unravel your diet, so go against the grain to win something back for yourself.

  1. Observe the golden rules of keto cooking

Learn to cook one-pot wonders. Swap almond flour for regular flour. Swap pasta for zucchini noodles. Swap regular rice for cauliflower rice. And buy keto bread instead of regular bread. Make a keto dessert board in a visual part of your house so you realize you’re giving up on nothing. Most of all, seek inspiration to cook keto and if you’re too busy, then use the services of a meal prep company to deliver the right foods to your door without any guess work.

  1. Team up and swap

You’re more likely to stick to a keto eating plan if you do it with the support of a friend. If you find that valued buddy, then make double batches of foods and swap them over. Their cooking will taste amazing to you and vice versa. It will inspire you both to keep at it.

  1. Create a contingency plan

What happens when minor disasters strike? Your car breaks down. Your flight is delayed. Your children are sick. Do you derail your plan and throw months of work out the window by eating the contents of the nearest vending machine? No. You have a list of snacks that you can enjoy – that’s you boiled eggs, nuts and bars. Dinner needs to be factored in too because scrambled eggs with prosciutto or shaved smoked salmon is delicious and takes all of three minutes to prepare. Write it down if you have to, but have this recovery protocol at the front of your mind when things go wrong. But be sure not to overuse this on days when you’ve got plenty of time to cook properly. It might be easy to make those scrambled eggs, but you’ll get tired of them and one day you may need them to be in your corner.


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