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Shake It Up

Odd couples can make fun bedfellows, whether it’s aerial yoga, karaoke spin classes or skateboarding Pilates – there’s never an excuse to feel uninspired about getting sweaty.

One such explosive Coke-and-Mentos combination is whole-body vibration plate training and blood flow restriction work.

A paper in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research got 50 women to restrict the blood flow in their legs while standing on a vibration plate several times a week for 10 weeks and found there was a greater growth in the muscle’s cross-sectional area, though there weren’t improvements in strength and jump height.

If you’re lacking inspiration, then strap up and get your jiggle on to shake up your vanilla workouts.

This articlce originally featured in TRAIN for HER issue 88. You can get a free subscription by clicking here.

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