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Get The Habit

There are already a million trainers promising you the ultimate, best-ever exercise routine. Can they all be right? Hell yeah, suggests a paper in >Sports Medicine, just as long you manage one key variable. The researchers consolidated the results of 24 different resistance training studies that involved 1000 women over an average of 15 weeks. They found the element that makes you the most likely to gain more strength is frequency, so how many days a week you train, followed by the number of reps and sets you do. Just make lifting a habit and you’ll make improvements (duh), but it’s important not to worry that you’re missing out on a special trick or magical routine that’ll skyrocket your gains. Tune in to the power of frequency because practice makes perfect improvements.


Fit Myths

Despite this being the information age, Google persists in getting things dead wrong. There are plenty of mistruths which a survey by sought to uncover.


Fitness myth % that believe
You should work out every day 64%
Women need different exercises to men 53%
You should do at least 20 minutes of cardio to make it worth your while 45%
Excessive sweating during exercise makes you lose weight faster 41%
Your muscle will turn to fat once you stop working out 40%
You can target fat burn 37%
Early mornings are the best time to work out 36%
Celery is negative calories 32%
Doing lots of cardio is the best way to lose weight 29%
Not feeling sore means that you didn’t get a good workout 27%


Knowing that these aren’t true should be enough to make you adjust your thought patterns and actions. Keep tuning into reputable information sources (ahem, like this one) so you’re always improving your performance and physique.

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