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Is It Safe To Take Your Supplements On Vacation?


Is It Safe To Take Your Supplements On Vacation?

Your flight pass is finally unshackled. Scroll to pick your vacation destination. Pack those bags. Go! First things first. Be sure you look your best. Feeling healthy while on your break is a worthy source of motivation, especially if you’re enjoying weather warm enough to get your rig out. To do this, you’re probably training consistently, eating well and supplementing the smart way. If you’ve worked hard to be where you are on your fitness journey, you don’t necessarily want to stop supplementing, so here is some advice about taking your improvements on a road trip.


Supplements are Safe To Travel

It’s perfectly legal to travel with your sports supplements. That said, it’s in your best interests to carry them with you. This prevents them from breaking free in your luggage and messing up your travel wardrobe. It’s a tactic that comes in handy if ever there’s a travel delay, giving you an option to take healthy supplements if you’re stuck and left to survive on vending machine calories.


Don’t take more than you need

If you’re flying, weight translates into dollars. Portion out your supplements for the number of days you’re away. A 7-day pill container is excellent for anything in a capsule.   Powders are best to be transported in double ziplock plastic bags to safeguard against spillage. Liquids under three ounces are also generally fine, but keep them in their original bottle, placed in a sealed bag. That jumbo sized omega-3 bottle should always stay at home unless you’re partial to smelling as if your body wash is made from a Chinook salmon.


Label Up

It’s always worth labeling your supplements, if you’re worried about the TSA, you can even tear the label off your protein tub and add it to the plastic bags. White powders can seem like a bit of a red flag, so label them clearly with a marker pen, and you’ll then know what’s what when your vacation begins.


Divide and Conquer

Buy a fresh blender bottle that has separate compartments for your supplements. This is a good system that allows you to take supplements while traveling and may even offer enough room to be all you need for a long weekend away.


Pick the Best

Traveling can wear you down so pick supplements wisely. Pre-workout is great for an energy boost if you’re jet lagged or want to be fresh after a thirsty night on the cocktails. Protein powders and BCAA are also a worthy inclusion, especially if you have ones that you regularly enjoy.


Stay Safe 

Supplements can become contaminated without your knowledge. International authorities may not care about your ignorance so rather err on the side of safety and quality. Travel with peace of mind by using products that carry the BSCG Certified Drug Free® seal. This seal means your supplements are tested against 505 drugs or harmful agents – the world’s most comprehensive testing menu. BSCG works with 85 brands, 500 products across 100 countries, making it the international expert at giving you the best quality drug free supplements that won’t run the risk of riling up another country’s version of the TSA.

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