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Reboot Your Mindset


Reboot Your Mindset

When stress and upheaval threaten to derail your progress, use this tactic to reach for success with your goal setting

Words: William Brower is certified trainer and nutrition advisor based in Florida.

When setting goals ask yourself which goal is more achievable? Losing 80lb or cutting refined sugars from your diet? If you cut sugar from your diet, you’re more likely to lose weight. Take your goals one small step at a time and one day at a time. You don’t have to take shots of beet juice and eat rabbit food topped with flax seeds to be healthy. Losing weight will come with dedication, determination, motivation and a solid plan of action.

Giving up is easy

Putting in the work and pushing on when you want to give up is what makes the change. Whether you get discouraged or simply lose interest, giving up is why most people fail. The motivation to drop weight and live a healthier lifestyle is through the roof for about the first 5 weeks then the motivation fades.

Go small

Try to set smaller goals throughout the year. By doing so, you can keep yourself on track and use the power of positive reinforcement to keep your momentum going.

Create Habits

Turn small goals into a habit. Everything in life is the result of a habit so find the bad habits and replace them with a good version. Plan for the craving to strike and have a plan to remedy it with a positive step.

Gain Clarity

Goal setting is not a gift – it’s a skill that can be acquired. Most people abandon goals two weeks after setting them. You probably more or less know how to live a healthy lifestyle. It is a gift to wake up each day and be grateful to be alive. Life is too short, and we only get one, so take care of the body that was created for you and live a long, healthy, happy life.

This article originally featured in TRAIN for HER issue 89. Get a free subcription by clicking here.

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