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Should Nuts Be in Every Smoothie?

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Should Nuts Be in Every Smoothie?

Fruits. Protein powders. Ice. Coconut water. Yoghurt. A few seeds. Those are all the garden variety mainstays for a smoothie. They’re what every mum wants their kids to have to be nutritionally sound. However, there is a missing element that probably leaves your tastebuds feeling unfulfilled and even hungry. Plant fats.

These are almost always healthy and leave you feeling satisfied that you’ve eaten something substantial. It’s why you can have a smoothie that sits in your stomach all the way through lunch and you’re not seeking out some alternative form of sustenance. Nuts are possibly the most nutritious thing you can eat, and each month new research cements them as a must-eat item. This month was no exception.


King of the nuts

The nut that you like eating is the best nut to eat. What really matters is that you love to have them stashed in your desk draw or in your cars glove box. They’re the ultimate protein rich snack which are about as durable as you can get. However, if you want to upgrade your nut habit then it’s worth knowing which one is the best. Top of the list is walnuts. Not only do they have the highest number of antioxidants, but they’ll possibly add more years to your life.


Walnut prowess

A paper in the journal Circulation suggest they can even act like medication for your ticker. Eating half a cup of walnuts each day lowered the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Yup, that’s the bad kind of cholesterol. This was over the course of two years and it’s an eating habit that will drastically help the health of your blood’s highways. Though they’re not sure about the mechanisms in place, they are confident that the high levels of omega 3’s in walnuts have a role to play. If you want to age gracefully, walnuts have got your back. For decades.


Nut troubles

While peanuts and almonds are easy to like, walnuts aren’t for everyone. On the plus side they are super crunchy, but they can be bitter. Fortunately, you can offset this by adding them to salads and coating them with a little salad dressing that will complement their natural flavors. If you really don’t like them, then lob a handful in your next smoothie. Their inclusion should be almost mandatory. You can add a few sweet fruits to the mix, and you’ll be set to go because they add a creamy flavor to the final result.


Nut solution

If you’re in two minds about walnuts, then stick with the more traditional versions of nuts such as peanuts and almonds. You can get these in low sugar spreads. The convenience is there for you to enjoy when you’ve got your blender cup in hand. Don’t let the benefits of nuts pass you by. Make sure you’re eating at least a single serving each day. Whether you do that via a smoothie, a handful, or through a spread of your knife is up to you. Just make sure you make them a dietary staple so you can keep your longevity levels in it for the long haul.

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