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Megan Loda On How She Fell In Love With Fitness

Megan Loda


Megan Loda On How She Fell In Love With Fitness

Megan Loda was tired of falling short of her ideals, so changed from the outside.


Activating the turning point

I fell in love with the way I would feel after a really good workout. It turned from a task to a hobby. My sister-in law was a personal trainer and she got me on my first workout plan.



Dietary reinventions

Your diet is a critical part of fitness success, but your body will often crave foods that it “can’t” have. Finding an alternative to your craving is very important. Breakfast is my favorite meal, so I often have a large feed in the morning.

I love oatmeal, eggs, turkey bacon and fruit. Salads, chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, rice, zoodles, lean red meats and veggies are my also on my list of go-to ingredients for any meal.


My biggest challenges

It was tough to find foods that work with my body. Everyone’s body is different, therefore, foods will affect everyone differently.

It was a trial-and-error game to figure out which foods gave me energy and which foods I could easily digest.


My supplements

Whey Protein, BCAA, Glutamine, Daily Multi-Vitamin, Probiotics, Fish Oil.


My workout

1. Glute/ hamstring focus

Single leg deadlift4 x 12
Glute kickbacks4 x 20
Hamstring curl machine4 x 12
Bulgarian split squat4 x 10
Hamstring curl with medicine ball4 x 20
Glute bridges4 x 20


2. Shoulders/ triceps/ biceps

Seated dumbbell press3 x 20
Dumbbell side raises3 x 20
Upright row3 x 20
Bicep curl 4 x 15
Hammer curl4 x 15
Tricep push down4 x 15
Dumbbell extension4 x 15


3. Legs

Lat pull down4 x 15
Pull-ups2 x 10
Single arm dumbbell rows4 x 12
Straight arm pull downs4 x 15
Push-ups4 x 20
Cable flyes4 x 15
Chest press 4 x 12


4. Quad & calf

Squats4 x 15
Leg press4 x 15
Lunges4 x 15
Dumbbell step ups (each leg)4 x 15
Calf raises 1 x 100
Single calf raises (each leg)2 x 25


5. Shoulders / Triceps / Biceps

Lateral raises4 x 20
Front raises 4 x 20
Arnold dumbbell press4 x 20
Bicep rope curls4 x 15
Preacher curls4 x 15
Single arm tricep push down4 x 15
Dumbbell tricep extension4 x 15


6. HIIT/Abs

Jumping squatsx 25
Lunge jump (each leg)x 15
Burpeesx 15
Mountain climbers (each side)x 25
Crunches x 50
Planks2 x 1 min
Russian twist with medicine ball3 x 25


* Day 7: Rest

* Cardio: 25 mins on the StairMaster 3 x a week


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