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Maria Hintog Gave Up Alcohol And Gets Stronger Everyday

Maria Hintog


Maria Hintog Gave Up Alcohol And Gets Stronger Everyday

Maria Hintog sustained herself on an unhealthy diet of booze but it was a dare that changed her life and physique.


Vital stats:

Before: 116lb

After: 120lb


Body by bourbon

Being a bartender in my early 20s made me susceptible to daily drinking habits that took a toll on my body. My whole life I was active and played practically every sport under the sun. I also did martial arts for several years. When I entered my early 20s, I naïvely thought my body would hold up, despite barely working out and eating copious amounts of cheap, processed foods on a regular basis.


A new lifestyle

One measly dare from my best friend that would spark my passion and my life calling. “I dare you to go up on stage in a tiny bikini and do a bikini fitness show,” said my best friend. “Psssh, that’s dumb. But screw you, I’ll do it,” said the 23-year-old me.

At first I had no idea what to expect. Fast forward through my bikini fitness years to when I found what I was best at: lifting really heavy things. Bikini fitness was an incredible experience, but I didn’t feel like aesthetics was my niche. When I picked up the heavy barbell, it was like a wave of ecstasy flew through my body. The feeling remains today.


Dietary successes

I eat clean during the week and eat often (five or six meals per day) because of how demanding my training is, and because I’m always hungry, all the time.

I focus on lean proteins (chicken, lean ground beef, turkey, eggs), complex carbs (brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes), and plenty of veggies. On the weekends, I allow myself one or two cheat meals depending on if I have had a successful training week or not.

My biggest challenge has to be finding a committed workout partner who can keep up with my intensity and high demand of my training. Many have fallen off the block so I have gone through most of my strength journey alone.


Maria Hintog’s workout

Day one

Barbell squats @70%4x9
Bulgarian split squats3x6
Seated row3x10
Dumbbell bent over rows3x10


Day two

Barbell deadlifts (conventional)5x5
Barbell bench5x5
Glute-ham raises3x10
Dumbbell incline bench3x10
Tricep dips3x10
Cable flyes3x10
Cardio: Muay Thai/Escrime


Day three

Barbell squats @ 70%5x7
Decline heel raises3x12
Hanging windshield wipers3x12
Decline sit up with med ball 3x12
Cardio: HIIT20 mins


Day four (recovery)

Mobility, mobility, mobility
Corrective work
Single leg balance work
Cardio: Muay Thai/Escrima


Day five

Barbell squats @ 80%7x5
Weighted pull ups3x5
Wide grip pulldowns3x10
Supinated grip pulldowns3x10
High to low cable face pulls3x12


Day six

Barbell squats @ 85%10x3
Barbell deadlifts (sumo)5x5
Barbell press5x5
Dumbbell snatches3x8
Dumbbell Arnold presses3x10


Day seven (rest)

Cyrotherapy for my sore muscles and lots of Netflix


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