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Lauren Abraham On Why She Fell In Love With Sport


Lauren Abraham On Why She Fell In Love With Sport

Lauren Abraham isn’t just a ‘do it for the looks’ model – she’s a real athlete who enjoys sports to feel amazing. Here’s how she does it.

I have been an athlete my entire life, starting with being put into ballerina slippers at the aged five and snow skis at the age of six. I grew up on the snow ski racing on the weekends at a very young age and then started snowboarding at 14, when I got fully sponsored and went pro at 16.


A new route to fit

Dancing has been at the root of my athleticism and I have owned a performing arts dance company since 2005, performing on stage for some of the most dynamic DJs and bands. My entire life has been based around adrenaline driven sports. I train as an action sports athlete, where what matters most is performance and agility.

I have my first book coming out this next year, California Dreamin’ The Ultimate Outdoor Training and Lifestyle Guide, where I incorporate lots of outdoor fitness in my stair workouts, trail running, hiking and resistance training. In doing this I keep my legs strong for the snow and keep an awesomely toned booty at all times. I fell in love with yoga seven years ago and regularly go up to five times week, depending on my crazy heavy schedule. I also incorporate yoga basics in my book as well.


Recover from injury

Ever since a snowboarding accident in 2001 where I broke both my ankles and many other body parts, yoga was the first thing that I found to dissipate my chronic arthritis that I live with in my left ankle. Yoga is the true healer for both body and mind – I suggest everyone try it.


Finding adrenaline

I’m in love with MMA training; it’s all amazing and it goes perfectly with my newfound passion for surfing and being in big waves. The ocean is the most powerful force I’ve ever had to deal with and it’s life or death out there some days. I have to be on point so have to be strong and conscious enough to be able to breathe calmly like a yogi and react fiercely like a fighter when out challenging myself to ride bigger waves.


Nutritional support

I have no problem with this lifestyle as I am constantly active and have found a wonderful balance in what I eat and never feel like I am depriving myself. I love eating clean all day and then enjoying a sweet dessert at night. It’s all about balance and this is in all areas of life. Work hard, play hard! Eat clean, train mean!


How I eat

For breakfast I’ll have a vanilla coconut latte in the morning. Around noon for lunch I’ll have a salad with kale, veggies, or tuna salad or chicken. Dinner will be wild salmon or shrimp and another salad or sautéed veggies in coconut oil. For dessert I usually have dark chocolate or a small cup of frozen yogurt and berries.


Get more of her routine to follow

I do love lifting weights focusing on dumbbells, bench workouts, and cable machines. My entire gym workout can be found on the newest and hottest app that I am proud to be a partner on, Fitplan, which can be found at: “30 Day Bikini Body Circuits.” You will find my gym routine has everything for head to toe to strength, from shoulders, abs, back, legs and, of course, booty.


Lauren Abraham’s gym workout


1. Alternating jumps: 3x 20 reps, 10 on each leg

2. Box jumps: 3x 10 reps

3. Tire flipping: 3 sets until failure

4. Elevated push-ups: 3x 12 reps

5. Hanging knee raises: 3x 25 reps

6. Bench leg raises: 3x 21 reps

7. Cardio bag work: 5x three minute rounds

8. Kettle bell swings: 3x 20 reps

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