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Lais DeLeon’s Shares Her Training Secrets

Lais DeLeon


Lais DeLeon’s Shares Her Training Secrets

Lais DeLeon is a social media phenomenon thanks to her high work ethic and fun approach to fitness. Here’s how to use her secrets in your training today.


Varying the pace

I love both HIIT and moderate-low intensity resistance training with moderate (30-60 sec) rest time between sets. So when asked to choose between HIIT, LISS and moderate-intensity strength training, I believe the best workout is the one you’ll actually enjoy and do consistently.

For my body type, I prefer a bodybuilding style 1-2 muscle group per day split combined with low-intensity cardio like walking because I’m a hard gainer and too much cardio makes me lose too much weight quickly.


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The magic feeling

While research doesn’t directly attribute hypertrophy to ‘the pump’ I feel it’s a good indicator to work towards for a great workout. My goal with going into most isolation workouts is to aim to achieve a good pump. In my opinion, it’s a good indicator because you know you are properly targeting the desired muscle.


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Perfectly timed nutrition

I plan to have most of my carbs around my workout window and try to only have simple carbs if I’ve ‘earned’ them with a workout. My fat intake is minimized around my pre and post workout window and is maximized on my rest day. I keep my protein intake even throughout the day after I’ve broken my fast until a few hours prior to sleep. This isn’t something I stress about excessively, unlike the general consensus in the bodybuilding community, which is to prioritize very high amounts of protein consumption.

I try to get a lot of my micronutrient intake in early in the day via (vegetables/plants/herbs) juices, smoothies, vitamins and supplements because getting it out of the way early makes sure I get them and don’t have to worry about it much the rest of the day. Plus it all digests and gets absorbed best on an empty stomach.


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