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7 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Love Your Body

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7 Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Love Your Body

Recently, a study pointed to some of our favorite health and fitness Instagramers as the reason for our deteriorating body image. We think this is pretty unfair to the fitness industry. These women work hard for their bodies and they have a right to show them off.

That being said, we know that we don’t all look like our favorite athletes and with 91% of women being unhappy with their bodies, it’s time to issue a reality check.

Here at TRAIN for HER, we want to make sure your body image is as badass as your body. So, here are a few of our favorite health and fitness Instagrammers that will make you fall in love with your body, again.


Karina Irby

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Karina Irby is a bikini designer, owner of MOANA Bikini and co-creator of Bikini Body Burn. She is a body positive and passionate about women being well informed about their health. Her message is simple: Real unicorns have curves.


Chessy King

Presenter, co-creator of The Couple Bible and social media entrepreneur, Chessie is a gorgeous and inspirational woman. Her Instagram is filled with photos that call BS on the photoshopped or ‘perfect’ photos that usually fill our feed.


Iskra Lawrence

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Iskra is a stunning model, body positive activist and creator of everyBODY with Iskra, an online lifestyle and wellness program. When she isn’t busy speaking about body positivism around the USA, she is guest writing for top brands such as SELF, Time and The Huffington Post.


Ashley Graham

The Queen of body positivity and activism, Ashley Graham is a model, presenter and author who inspires millions (five to be exact) of women and men to love the body they’re in.


Nicole Winhoffer

Self-proclaimed fitness artist, Nicole is a New Yorker with an inspiring approach to life. She is a dancer and free soul who uses her platform to spread her message of love and self-acceptance.


Bo Stanley

This blond bombshell is a surfer, athlete and model who wants women to love themselves. Her feed will remind you to take care of yourself because there isn’t one way to look.


Positive Body Image

A whole account dedicated to filling your feed with positive and uplifting quotes – we love it.

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