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3 Really Effective Hip Stability Exercises

hip stability


3 Really Effective Hip Stability Exercises

A hip joint may be a cool place to hang out on a Saturday night, but what isn’t so cool is that research in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery suggests hip replacement procedures are set to soar in the US by 174% to 572,000 within the next 17 years.

And when you compare that figure to a forecasted population increase of just 16% within the same time frame, it’s a real cause for concern.

As the pace of life becomes ever more frenetic in a 24-hour society, and our bodies become more and more susceptible to wear and tear, it is vital to maintain our joint mobility at an optimum level. Here are some effective hip mobility and stability movements.


1. Clamshell

Lie on your side, with your hips and knees bent approximately 45 degrees. Keep your feet together and raise your top knee as high as you can without moving your pelvis. Return to the starting position and repeat 10-15 times. Repeat with other leg. You can increase the resistance by placing an exercise band around your leg while you open the clam.


2. Lying Piriformis Stretch

While lying on your back, cross your left leg over the right, with the left ankle resting on the right knee. Slowly move your right thigh up toward your chest and gently apply pressure to the inside of the left knee. This stretch should be felt in your glutes (buttock) and hip. Hold for 15-30 and repeat with the other leg. You can also perform this stretch while seated.


3. Cossack Squat

Take a wide stance like a sumo wrestler and point your toes out slightly. Start to squat down and shift your weight to one side. Keep your knee over your toes and make sure the foot on the side doing a squat stays flat on the floor.

The opposite leg should be straight out. Lift your toes off the floor and point them toward the ceiling while the heel remains in contact with the floor. Repeat this stretch 2-3 times per side and hold a few seconds.


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