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Here’s Why You Should Make Almonds A Staple In Your Diet

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Here’s Why You Should Make Almonds A Staple In Your Diet

Almonds are good for you, so you drink almond milk, right? It’s healthier than regular milk. Well, maybe not. Almonds are a boss health food, but their milk is a little watery. For the lactose-ambivalent, almond milk certainly seems to tick the boxes. Why not grind a whole load of them up, add water and job done for the milk? Well, almond milk holds a dirty little secret that lies in the ratios. Typically, 100ml of almond milk contains less than a gram of protein, or roughly the amount you’d find in three whole almonds. That’s way too little. It’s also likely to have enough sugar to counterbalance those gains that you get from the protein gains. Plus, any nutrients in the milk are likely to be retrofitted during the manufacturing process. Almond milk is out, so you better motivate yourself to eat more almonds because you do need them.


You need a handful daily

Yep, that’s a lot of dry tasting nuts but you better get it into your system. People who ate 1.5 ounces of whole almonds each day for just three weeks improved their overall health, found a paper at the University of Florida. Why? Well, salty and fatty snacks were replaced by almonds, which are always going to be one of the best snack options you can enjoy each and every day. They even travel well so if you forget your almond container in the car on a hot day, they still taste good.


Almonds clean your pipes

In this life, you better keep your heart healthy. Almonds know this, so they play ball. Eating almonds regularly, increases your levels of HDL (good) cholesterol while helping your body to remove the bad cholesterol, found a paper at Penn State. When you consider that the biggest killer of men and women is heart disease, then almonds are almost a nutritional necessity for keeping your ticker on track.


Almonds make you Einstein

They may not give you his hairstyle, but your grey matter will work smarter. A paper in FASEB found eating nuts like almonds on a regular basis was linked to higher levels of cognition, healing, learning and memory. It’s the thinking person’s food choice.


The almond you chew

You pay for your almonds so you’re due everything they have to offer. Except you’re probably not getting it. Why? Because you wolf them down. Chewing is boring, but without it, you lose out, says a paper by the Institute of Food Technologists. They got people to chew almonds 10, 25 or 40 times. The fewer the chews, the larger the particles were eliminated by the body. You know what that means. They just pass straight through you. The researchers go onto to suggest that if you like almonds and all the benefits they give you, then you’re better of using almond butter. If you hate almonds, but want to live long, then try a healthy chocolate almond spread, that tastes more like dessert, but without the high sugar content, just be sure to check the label! Almonds are something you need to eat, possibly every day, so having an alternative way of getting them into your body is the smartest way you can get your nut quota. Trying to drink nuts is just dumb.

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