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Hannah Bailey Swapped Skinny For Healthy

Hannah Bailey transformation pictures


Hannah Bailey Swapped Skinny For Healthy

Hannah Bailey believed being skinny meant healthy – until she altered her view.


Vital stats

Before: 110lb

After: 125lb


When I was 14, I was on a professional triathlon team, swim team, cross-country and track. I did my first marathon when I was 15 and, as a typical high school girl, body image was something I always struggled with.

I was at my lowest weight was after I ran my marathon: I remember never feeling satisfied with how I looked and was lost, wondering where to go next.

The turning point was my junior year of high school. I decided not to go out for any sports that year, because I was feeling burnt out. This is when I first got into lifting.

It took me a good year and a half after than to dive into bodybuilding, and to get over the fear that lifting would make you look bulky.

I used to obsess over the scale and seeing the numbers go up was hard for me to watch. Even though I was making huge changes to my body composition, I let the scale determine my progress.

I started taking measurements and assessing how I felt mentally and physically to realize the amazing progress I was making.



Hannah’s workout

Cardio: HIIT for 15 minutes 2-3 times per week and LISS (either biking, running, or incline walking) for 20-30 minutes once per week.



Heavy squats3x 5-8
Leg extensions4x 10-12
Sumo squats4x 10-15
Glute kickbacks 4x 10-12
Walking lunges4x 20
Single leg hip raises4x 10-12
Plyometric burn out
Jump lungesx30
Box sit jumpsx20
Mountain climbers x50


Shoulders/ triceps

Heavy shoulder press3x 8-10
Lateral raises4x 10-15
Front raises4x 10-15
Resistance band reverse flyes4x 10-20
Tricep kickbacks4x 10-20
Plyometric burn out
30 second burpee db pressx30
30 second lateral raisesx30
30 second front raisesx30
30 second commandosx30
Repeat (45 secs - 1 min rest)10 mins


Back/ biceps

Heavy deadlifts4x 5-8
Lat pulldowns4x10-12
BB biceps curls4x 10-12
Cable rows4x 10-12
Straight arm pulldowns4x 10
High cable curls4x 12
Bent-over BB rows4x 10
Plyometric burn out
Kettlebell swingsx20
Spider push-upsx12
Second plank40 seconds
Treadmill sprints
Repeat3-4 rounds


Glutes/ hamstrings

Leg press wide stance4x 10-15
Sumo squats4x 10-12
Leg press narrow stance 4x 10-15
Jump lunges4x 30
Reverse hack squats4x 12
Single leg hamstring curls (each leg) 4x 12
Glute kickbacks4x 10-12
Calf raises4x 30
*Day 5: Active rest Plyometric workout or 30 min run/walk


Upper body/ core

Shoulder press4x 10
Hammer curl to press4x 12
Tricep dips (to failure)x4
Lying leg raises4x 20
Weighted cable crunches 4x 10-12
BB bicep curls (narrow, wide, narrow)4x 10-10-10
Lateral raises (drop set)4x 20-15-10
*Day 7: Rest


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