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Gym Stereotypes – The Hench Grandma

grandma in gym


Gym Stereotypes – The Hench Grandma

Gym stereotype #12 The Hench Grandma

She’s the exerciser who is unwilling to take up the rocking chair. Instead, she’s devoted her retirement towards creating guilt amongst her younger gymgoers as she defies the laws of gravity to beast through all the reps you wish you could do. Okay, so she may have all the physical trapping of the more mature lady, but she still has the sunny attitude that could power a thousand rainbows. Consider her the French wine of the gym that keeps getting better because they have endured real hardship like wars, depressions and family deaths which dwarf your petty Instagram post where you complained how you forgot to wear your SPF when you left the house. Revere, respect and make friends with these matriarchs because even if they move a little slower than you or make you feel weak with the weights they slay, they’ll teach you a thing or two about being a truly strong woman.


Use the Awkwardness

While she may not put her gains on show, she’s making huge progress because a paper at Buffalo State University found older women who regularly strength train can reverse aging while reducing frailty. It’s also not all a downhill slope for strength and muscle because improvements can be made in both elements as you get your seniors card. If there’s one thing you can learn from them it’s lifting slowly and very deliberately matters. Taking four seconds to lower weights not only reduces your chances of injury but it increases your power and muscle gains. She’s the one to watch because she’ll be your role model for winning the long game.

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