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Giving the Gift of Wellness


Giving the Gift of Wellness

Influencers come in many shapes.

Business leaders.

Athletes who cook.

Fans of fluffy bunnies.

Regardless of who or what you follow on socials, you’ve no doubt come across someone holding a bottle of CBD oil and telling you it’s changed their world.

CBD isn’t cheap, but it’s also not expensive, making it a near perfect gift.

Using CBD also gives a subtle nod to your health knowledge that makes it a rather compassionate gift to someone who may need a way of feeling a little better.

It’s also an edgy little conversation starter because it may help you sleep better, ease pain and could reduce anxiety.

Those are all the plus points you need in and around the festive season.

Sadly, not all CBD is created equal.

If you want to give it as a gift or take CBD yourself then, focus on quality so you don’t risk substandard products that don’t meet quality expectations or include harmful contaminants.

The CBD you give to a loved one should always be free from contaminants and be of the highest quality with ingredients that meet label claims with a sound quality control process to ensure products are made in accordance with industry guidelines and consumer expectations.

Poorly made CBD products could inadvertently make someone fail a drug test which could impact their standing at work, especially if they’re a first responder or in the military.

An easy way to help avoid these concerns is to look for CBD products with a Banned Substance Control Group (BSCG) Certified CBD seal.

The BSCG Certified CBD premiere third-party certification program works to ensure you get what’s on the label and checks for harmful toxins or banned substances.

The BSCG Certified CBD third-party certification program tests CBD product lots to verify label claims and THC limits; check for heavy metals, microbiological agents, pesticides, and solvents; and perhaps most importantly screens for more than 500 banned substances in sport or other possible drug contaminants.

The program was designed to ensure athletes and other drug tested professionals like first responders, or military service members will not test positive for THC or other drugs when using a Certified CBD product and to verify the quality and integrity of CBD products for consumers.

Check out the BSCG site to find your Certified CBD brand or product to give as a gift.

The BSCG Certified CBD program has done the heavy lifting when it comes to verifying the quality of CBD products.

Make sure your CBD product is made to maximize the potential benefits not hurt you or the ones you love and brings nothing but wellness to your festive season.

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