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4 Everyday Items That’ll Help You Keep Your Form


4 Everyday Items That’ll Help You Keep Your Form

Yes, you may have pushed yourself and got thirty lunges in, but how many of them were done with great form?

We all know there’s no point in cheating your way to the end of your workout because you won’t get the results you want. Here are a few every day items that’ll keep your form perfect all the way to the end.


1. Stick it to push-ups

Have a partner rest a stick along your spine as you’re set-up for a pushup. As people fatigue they’ll round their back, but do that with the stick on your and it’ll fall. Your goal is to keep it in place for the whole set.

2. Spaghetti sit-ups

Roll up a towel and place it under your lower back. Hold a piece of uncooked spaghetti behind your head, an end in either hand. This will stop you pulling on your neck to raise yourself up from the bottom position.

3. Tape up the perfect squat

The golden rule with squats is to keep your back straight and a strategically placed piece of tape will help you do just that. Tape the bottom of your shirt to your shorts. If it pulls off when you descend your back isn’t straight enough.

4. Balance your lungs

Get a small floppy-ish pillow and balance it on your head while you do lunges. Keeping it there will ensure your torso remains upright for the whole movement. Swap the pillow for a book if you’re really keen on abs.


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