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We Ask The Experts: What Is The Biggest Con In The Fitness World?


We Ask The Experts: What Is The Biggest Con In The Fitness World?

Every month we ask our panel of experts their opinion on what’s hot in health and fitness. This month we ask: What do you think is the biggest con in the fitness world?


Alex Silver-Fagan

“Only sticking to one style of training and titling one particular way of training as healthy over another.”


Brooke Dragon

“The internet is where many people get their “sound fitness and nutrition advice,” but sometimes it can be a bunch of baloney. If I get asked if some crazy theory is actually true (when, in fact, it is just absurd), it bugs me that websites are actually putting these things out there!”


Ashley Horner

“That there is such a thing as ‘perfect,’ because fitness is about health and a person’s overall wellbeing. I think, as an industry, we’ve forgotten what our purpose as the ‘fit generation’ is, which is causing people to constantly feel disappointed in themselves because they are chasing something that’s not even real life.”


Kathleen Tesori

“Anything portraying to people that they can do little and achieve the results they have always imagined.”


Imogen Parfitt

“Lack of regulation. There are no regulating bodies to make sure the person giving you your training plan is legit. Looking for a trainer? Check their credentials and previous clients’ results.”


Taylor Chamberlain

“Some people judge others based on what they see on the outside. In reality, we have no idea what that person’s story is and the journey it took to get to where they are today. Fitness is not all about what is on the outside. We rarely not know that a person may have a really good heart, may be super funny, or extremely intelligent. We just don’t know based on what they look like on the outside.”


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