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Why Every Woman Needs Muscle Building Supplements


Why Every Woman Needs Muscle Building Supplements

Lifting weights makes a woman manly? Yeah, right. That’s a myth stoked by the fires of lazy women who are terrified of the really hard work that hurts like hell. And by the men who fear women who could make them feel weak. It makes both feel better about themselves. And if you’re thinking weights will make you bulky, roll that mothballed thinking aside too. Body fat and cupcakes addictions make woman bulky. Instead, lifting weights makes you leaner, stronger and more lady like. You will not suddenly turn into some sort of gender-less hybrid after smashing weights lifting sessions four days a week. That level of training will make you look more like a woman than ever before, and you’ll have less body fat to show for it. Job done. So why are you still looking at muscle building supplements as something that lives in a man’s world? You shouldn’t and these are the signs that you could do with a little supplemental help.


You Don’t Feel Amazing After A Workout

You probably don’t want that pump that a bodybuilder gets with veins bulging like a roadmap in capital city after an earthquake. That said, you may like to feel a little tighter in the muscles you’ve worked. Your legs feel a little heavier. Your arms look like they’re stronger. You get that emotional buzz. Without regularly feeling this element you, need to rethink your workouts or look for supplemental assistance.


You Don’t Feel A Little Sore After Training

You shouldn’t waddle like you’re going in for knee surgery. However, a gentle bit of discomfort should be in your muscles after training. If you always feel the same, you don’t have the energy to train harder and could do with a booster.


You Feel Like You’ve Been Hit By A Car After Each Workout

Too little soreness is as bad as too much, though the latter is usually created through a lack of training consistency. If you’re after improvements, then a higher exercise frequency is essential and for this to happen you may need assistance in the form of a supplement.


Your Strength Is Decreasing

A sleepless night. A stressful day. Poor dietary habits. All these can make you lift a little less. However, if you’re regularly taking steps back with your overall strength, it’s a sign you’re not progressing. If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing so what’s the point? You may as well pack away the Lululemon leggings at this point. Rather look to chase small 2% increases each week, they’re manageable but if you can’t nail them then you need to change something. If you’re not getting better, you won’t come back. Poof! There goes your motivation.


You’re In A Bad Mood

Feeling miffed out? You could be under recovering after training. You could also be dehydrated. You could also be pissed you’re not getting better or have no energy. These are all things that relate back to that precious hour you spend each week with some heavy weights.


If you suspect you’re suffering from any of these, then try a muscle building supplement that isn’t a macro nutrient. Something like American Metbolix’s Lean Muscle For Her is a supplement that caters for women’s unique hormonal constitution. Don’t let yourself waste away and be left with unfulfilled goals. There are supplements that can help you get stronger and build more muscles. And if they work too well for your liking (they won’t) then you can always bank that muscle gains and chill on the couch until they fade away. Don’t get easier.


Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash.

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