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Emma Paveley On Switching To A Healthy Lifestyle

emma paveley on switching to a healthy lifestyle


Emma Paveley On Switching To A Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness model and former gymnast Emma Paveley shares the diet she fuels her body with to complete dynamic moves in and out of the gym.


Switching to a healthy lifestyle

I’ve always been into fitness but never had a good diet. Being a gymnast who trained 20 hours per week, I’ve always had a good amount of muscle. But it was more ‘broad’ than shapely. I wanted to transform my body into a more womanly shape and define my figure. But I wasn’t getting very far because I was only fueling my body with carbs and unhealthy fat.

All my training was being wasted because I wasn’t giving my body the right fuel. Then I started eating balanced meals and not only did I progress in the gym, but I also just felt so much better in myself, and more energized. You really don’t notice how bad unhealthy food makes you feel, until you make the change.


Nutrition gets results

I train a lot so nutrition is extremely important for me. I simply cannot train so much and not provide the right fuel for my body. Otherwise I will end up losing all my hard work I have put in. I need to eat a lot of food (balanced meals), but it needs to be very clean in order to hold onto my muscle and also reduce body fat levels in preparation for a show.

A big part of my sport is performing a dynamic fitness routine, so I need enough energy to practice this. Therefore I maintain a ratio of 40:40:20 carbs, protein and fats because working to a low-carb diet doesn’t work for me in terms of my functional training and energy needs.


Rules to live by

Swapping to ‘clean eating’ does not mean that you miss out on your favorite foods; it just means you enjoy them in moderation, whether this be enjoying a cheat meal once per week or simply making healthier versions. You can still enjoy the food, but make it balanced.

For example, a lasagne: use organic lean mince and chopped tomatoes instead of sauce. Throw in all the seasonings and some greens, and use whole-grain pasta. To put it simply: it’s all about knowing how to make clean food taste great.


Emma’s typical day 

Meal 1: Oats, 2 boiled eggs, 1 Grenade Ration Pack strip

Snack: 4 rice cakes with cottage cheese

Meal 2: 100g chicken, 100g rice, vegetables of choice

Meal 3: 100g chicken, 100g rice, vegetables of choice

Post workout: 1 Grenade Hydra 6 chocolate shake or Reload Protein Flapjack

Meal 4: 100g turkey, 150g sweet potato, 100g greens with coconut oil

Snack: Greek yogurt with almonds


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