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How To Eat Well Even When You’re On The Move

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How To Eat Well Even When You’re On The Move

Snacks are an important part of a healthy diet, but can make or break your waistline. Researchers from the Netherlands confirmed snacking on high-fat and high-sugar foods increases belly fat. Choose the wrong types of snacks like that plate of chocolate-chip cookies in the lunchroom and your snack habit could quickly sabotage your buff-to-blubber ratio.

Yet if you have the right snacks available, you can curb cravings and have the energy you need to stay strong all day. I recommend preparing ahead of time so you’ll be able to reach for healthy snacks you already have stored and ready to go when your next craving hits – whether you’re sitting at your desk, running out of the door or it’s late at night at home. This will help you stay on target with your healthy-eating plan and weight-loss goals.


Desk stash

With these portable, good-for-you snacks, you’ll never have an excuse to head to the vending machine again.


Protein bars

Tasty, convenient snack options with no special storage requirements. These bars are full of high-quality protein, energy boosting carbohydrates and modest amounts of healthy fats. There are all kinds of delicious options and you’ll feel like you’re eating a treat. Look at how many carbs and fats the bar contains to make sure the amounts fit in with your overall goals.


Trail mix

The nuts in trail mix contain healthy fats high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, which makes it a great snack. A great way to make sure you don’t overeat this delicious combo is to pre-measure portions in snack-size baggies or buy snack-size packs. Look for brands containing jerky as a protein source rather than the traditional chocolate candies.


Beef jerky

With a surprising 10:1 protein-to-fat ratio for most brands, beef jerky is a great snack option. Some jerky contains high sugar and sodium levels, so read the label and be choosy when picking your jerky. Look for options that contain less than 10g of carbohydrates per ounce.


Rice cakes

With only 35-50 calories per cake, these classic healthy snacks are low in fat and easy to store in a desk drawer. They also come in a variety of flavors, from apple cinnamon to cheddar or chocolate. Plain brown rice is a great choice because it’s high in whole-grain fibers and low in sugar and salt.



Kid friendly

This snack round-up has nutritious options that are so tasty even your little ones will love them.


Frozen grapes

Frozen grapes are a simple way to crush mid-day sugar cravings. When they’re frozen they’re firm, but still easy to bite into with a slushy consistency. Simply put whole grapes in a small container or bag and freeze until firm. I recommend purple or red grapes because they’re high in resveratrol, which aids weight loss efforts by dramatically reducing your cells’ ability to store fat by about 130%.


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String cheese

String cheese is a convenient way to up your intake of protein and achieve your calcium goals for the day to ensure strong, healthy bones. You can grab a stick and throw it in your purse without thinking. This type of cheese also tends to not be messy as you peel to eat it.


Celery and peanut butter

This is a fun snack that provides a number of essential nutrients. It also contains both fiber and protein, which makes it filling. You can also purchase single-serving packets of nut butters to make this an on-the-go snack. Look for options with no added sugar.


Low-fat cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes

Cottage cheese is a delicious source of casein protein, which digests slowly and keeps you full. It’s low-carb and low-calorie, making it a great snack, especially when it’s paired with cherry tomatoes, which are full of vitamins.



Late-night munchies

Don’t let late night cravings derail your daily progress. Be prepared for when huger strikes with these healthy options


Hard-boiled egg

According to a research in the Journal of Nutrition, protein helps you feel full and causes your body to expend more calories, making egg whites a great choice for weight loss because they’re high in protein. Boil a carton and stash them in your fridge for when you’re tempted to snack. Don’t be scared to eat one yolk a day, but ditch the rest so you don’t overeat healthy fats.


Edamame beans

These treats from the East are full of fiber and protein. They also taste amazing with a little sea salt. They’re also packed with a range of important nutrients like folate, vitamin K, iron and magnesium. You can find bags of frozen shelled edamame in the freezer section of most supermarkets.



A single cup of air-popped popcorn contains an average of about 31 calories. It’s packed with whole grains and fiber, but beware of prepackaged options that are high in fats and sugar. Instead, opt for either the kernels you pop yourself or my favorite prepackaged option, Skinny Pop. You can also add a light mist of coconut oil or a sprinkle of seasoning.



Greek yogurt

Protein-rich Greek yogurt makes a filling snack at any time. It has a thicker texture, more protein and more probiotics than the regular variety. Avoid added sugars that can blow up your physique and go for plain, non-fat versions. Add your own mix-ins like berries or sugar-free jello mix.


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