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Eat Clean For Better Sleep

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Eat Clean For Better Sleep

Getting top quality sleep is the lifeblood of burning fat and building muscle. Here’s what to eat to make sure you’re dozing for results.



This nutritional supplement is slow digesting, drip-feeding your muscles with the nutritional building blocks needed to recover.



Research at Columbia University found people who ate a high fibre, high protein and low fat diet had more deep sleep, a vital ingredients for a knockout immune system.


Pine nuts

These protein rich snacks stimulate your leptin and ghrelin levels positively, gearing you towards a healthier appetite the next day.



Rammed with healthy fats, melatonin and tryptophan that’s a trifecta of sleep inducing nutrients.


Manuka honey

This is super fast digesting that’ll spike then crash your blood sugar so you can ride the downward spiral to an early bedtime.


Jasmine rice

University of Sydney found eating this 4 hours before bed helped people nod off faster. Thai for dinner?


Tart cherry juice

A paper in the Journal of Medicinal food discovered this helps insomniacs nod off easier. It’s an excellent anti-inflammatory too.


Chamomile tea

Want to chill? This tea will help you punch the Z’s faster than most others, found a study in Molecular Medicine Report.



Forget the myths about cheesy dreams, this is high in calcium needed to process the tryptophan needed to create melatonin.



The richest source of zinc, they will help your body get more of this repair mineral when your body needs it most.



It doesn’t have to be warmed but does have tryptophan needed to help you relax to the max. Not a bad protein source either.



Calcium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 all help your body and brain gear up for a better night’s sleep.



Start and close our your day with the same meal as its fast digesting carbs combine with the milk to gear you toward a better night on the pillow.


Pumpkin seeds

They’re rich in zinc and magnesium and the latter is a friend to all chronic insomniacs.

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