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Don’t Harm Your Kids With Keto

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Don’t Harm Your Kids With Keto

No, you won’t really “harm” them by feeding them a ketogenic diet. In fact, you’ve probably got more chance of doing them harm if you fed them the typical western diet that’s rife with refined carbohydrates and sugars. Instead, keto offers a highly controlled way to monitor the foods you eat while paying attention to the quality of nutrients you’re eating. It’s the ultimate act of mindfulness when it comes to your food. Keto was originally used to treat children with epilepsy, not that that’s a reason for you to feed your offspring in this manner. To put things into perspective this is what you should consider when it comes to being a ketogenic parent.


Despite childhood obesity being on the rise, it takes a lot to make a young person overweight. In fact, most people remember childhood as a time when they could eat what they liked without any of it sticking. What’s important to remember is that the foods of your youth weren’t the calorie bombs that are available today. Within reason, unless kids are overweight, it’s unnecessary for kids to eat keto because carbohydrates are a valuable energy source when they’re being used up to play and learn. Don’t demonize carbs to the little ones or you risk giving them a weird relationship with this macronutrient. Carbs are part of the reason we grow, can think and have an abundance of energy, so it’s unwise to restrict them.


No doubt about it, ketogenic diet is there for weight loss. If it made you fat, it wouldn’t have any press. What if you don’t need to lose fat because you’re a normal weight kid? Well, that can complicate things, especially when they’re eating at friends’ houses or at a local restaurant with their peers. This can deeply impact their cultural understanding when it comes to food, because you never want them to be the odd one out whose looks at a box of fries as if it’s going to bite their hand.


Ketogenic meal plans are super easy to adapt. This means that if you’re eating fish and vegetables for dinner then there’s no reason you can’t add a serve of rice or chips to their plates while serving them the same fish and veggies. It won’t take away from the nutritional value you’ve got on your plate but will increase your temptation to break from the ketogenic rules. Rather face those temptations in the home and learn to overcome them because when you’re in the outside world it will unquestionably be more difficult to resist. Don’t make them eat the way you do if you’re eating to lose weight. If it becomes too difficult, then eat at different times where you serve them or yourself first. The latter option is probably better because if you eat before you serve them, you’ll feel satisfied and less likely to pick at their plates or leftovers. Remember, calories and carbs do count, even if they’re not on your plate.


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