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Daily Rhythm

Lacking motivation? Take a few moments to reflect on your daily routine and schedule over the past few weeks. Have you been in or out of flow? Are you engaging in daily behaviors that move you forward or keep you in the same place?

Our bodies love consistency, we are creatures of habit and will fall into a flow easily. Sometimes the flow we have defaulted to isn’t supporting our goals and this can impact our health, how we feel, and our motivation levels.

When this happens it’s the perfect time to pause and establish a new rhythm. Rhythm in movement, nutrition, and lifestyle create a healthy balance of stress and rest and boost our natural energy levels. Consistency in your rhythm and schedule breeds consistent energy levels, improves sleep quality, and supports overall vitality.

Chase the rhythm and see your energy and motivation improve. Here are some simple ways to create your rhythm. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time each day.

Wake up and fall asleep at consistent times. Start your day with a large glass of water upon waking. Take a morning walk to support blood flow. Choose a specific time for training each day, preferably 1-2 hours after waking to support better sleep in the evening.

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