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3 Cups Of Tea That Will Help Your Workout


3 Cups Of Tea That Will Help Your Workout

Here’s how to fire up your metabolism, boost your stamina and fight off pain with just a simple cup of tea.


Before your workout: Green Tea

A classic known for its antioxidants and caffeine. A study from University of Hertfordshire found that decaffeinated green tea consumed daily for four weeks increased the rate of total fat oxidation and improved distance covered in a 40-min cycling trial by 10.9%.


Directly after your workout: Ginger Tea

Throwing down the ibuprofen like M&M’s? Try ginger tea because a study in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research found consuming ginger for 1–2 weeks reduces pain from eccentric resistance exercise and prolonged running.


The night after your workout: Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea

Sugar cravings can derail your lean ambitions but this tea could be the remedy. A new review in Nutrition Journal concludes that cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. You’ll be less likely to reach for the cookie jar.


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