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If You Crave Candy On Ketosis, Know This


If You Crave Candy On Ketosis, Know This

The ketogenic diet knows you. It gets what drives your motivations. Occasionally you need a reprieve from all the savory stuff and need a little dessert. It’s perfectly natural. Fortunately, there are plenty of keto-friendly recipes that can cater for these needs and even more amazing ready-made products that can keep you on the right path. Even your pre-workout can play ball and give you a sweet tasting drink. However, while you know sugar is a big no-no, its substitutes have also copped a lot of backlash. Front and center of this are things like diet drinks. Many believe they put the die in diet. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of low-calorie sweeteners. This is what you need to know about them, so you can work to stay in ketosis.


The sweet truths

Food scientists are getting smarter and smarter. But how does your body react to these new additions. Not too badly, suggests a paper in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. They wanted to figure out the role of low-calorie sweeteners in the prevention of obesity and if these can manage overweight people. The following three findings may surprise you.


The sweet and calorie connection isn’t real

Low calorie sweeteners don’t disrupt the learned control of energy intake. This means having them doesn’t stop you from controlling how many macronutrients you have throughout the rest of your day. Take home message? They don’t suddenly make you drop your guard and start eating like an obese person.


More doesn’t mean you want more

Exposing your tastebuds to sweetness doesn’t increase desire for more sweetness. So, your sweet tooth isn’t suddenly ignited by a few low-calorie food options. It doesn’t mean you’ll go off the rails and suddenly turn into a toddler at a birthday party buffet.


You won’t treat yourself afterwards

It’s unlikely that you’ll consciously overcompensate for the calories saved thanks to these low-calorie sweeteners by overeating afterwards. This means that having a diet drink won’t create that urge to smash a large fries afterwards.


The food scientists have got it right. This research proves that these common claims about artificial sweeteners emerge didn’t stand up to close examination and swapping regular sweeteners for those of the low-calorie variety had no negative effects. Okay, so some of them may offer you a slightly debatable aftertaste but depending on how much sweetness you want to keep in your life, making the swap could save you calories that’ll lead to better weight control when you’re trying to eat a ketogenic diet. Take those micro wins wherever you can get them.



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