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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A PT

hiring a PT


5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A PT

First up, don’t feel ashamed about hiring a trainer, because even professional athletes have them. If you’ve reached a plateau and need some help to progress, or even to get started in the first place, then hiring a personal trainer, who’ll help you achieve your goals faster, seems a logical step.

And be assured they’ll do more than scream profanities at you or introduce you to new levels of pain. You see, it’s their job to diagnose your current physical state and use that data, along with your goals, to create a lasting and, hopefully, fun fitness programme.

The first thing to realize is that results may vary and the trainer with the most hits on Google in your area might not be the best professional for you, even if they look like they’re chiseled from stone. So before you set out, it’s worth taking the following points into consideration so you maximise your gains.


Do your research

Don’t limit yourself to the blurb and testimonials on their website. Cyberstalking has become so much easier, so use it to your advantage. Check with friends, on social media sites, blogs or search engines for referrals and reviews of trainers and gyms near you. If you’re already a member of a gym you can start by finding out the training options it offers, because if you don’t like who you’re paired with it comes back on them.


Shop around

Contact a few trainers and ask if you can stop by their gym and speak to them in person. This way you can check out their facility, how they operate and what they look like, because a trainer’s body is their business so you should expect them to be in relatively good shape themselves.



Come prepared with a list

Ask all the questions that’ll help ease any fears you have. For example: What experience and relative education do they have? How many clients do they train, and can you speak to one of them? What kind of programme can they offer you? How much will training cost? While they are answering, take note of your feelings toward their personality and style. Ask yourself if this is someone you could feel comfortable being around regularly.


Ask how they’ll measure up

Ask any potential trainer how your progress will be assessed. This can be anything from fitness tests to body composition measurements. Make sure this is something you’re comfortable with, and something you feel will help keep an accurate account of your progression.


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Start off small

Most will offer you a trial before you hire them regularly, but if they don’t then purchase only a single consultation or the smallest programme they offer to start. A key part of being successful in fitness is to be consistent. The right trainer will save you stress and help to hold you accountable and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

Having someone to motivate you through the days when you don’t really feel like it will bring out the best in you and help you stick to your programme long term. Plus, you’ll learn the right ways of doing things, which is information you’ll keep for life. Think of it as buying the fishing pole rather than the fish.


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