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Confidence Booster

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Confidence Booster

Lacking confidence? Take a look at your wardrobe. Just as we are what we eat, we are what we wear. Have you ever noticed how excited you feel when you buy a new outfit? Or how you take a million pictures when you are wearing something cute and fashionable? What about when you wear something you don’t feel comfortable in – have you noticed how that feeling spreads into the rest of your life? It’s no surprise then that clothes can make or break our mood and have a direct correlation to how we feel about ourselves. What we wear speaks volumes to the world around us and can either help or hinder our ability to think clearly and efficiently throughout our day.


Clothes are our second skin. They can accentuate our looks, but they can also hide them as well. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, it tends to show on the outside by what we choose to wear. One of the ways you can help build your self-confidence is to get creative with the things you wear. So, maybe you wear all black. If that’s that case, then try incorporating color! Maybe you wear too much color. Try toning it down with some neutrals. As simple as this seems changing up what you would usually do can help you feel like a new person.


While I always made sure to dress up when I went to work or to hang out with friends, I never used to take my gym look seriously when I started going to the gym regularly. Seems so weird to admit now but it’s true! I couldn’t justify the cost of athletic clothes and thought it wouldn’t matter or affect my workout. Let me be clear, >You do not need< cute gym clothes to have a good workout… but it sure helps!


Well-fitted and fashionable workout clothes add a whole new dimension to training. First of all, when I get a new workout set, I actually feel like working out! Second, you’re much more likely to actually >go to the gym just to show them off. It’s a small mind trick but if it gets you out the door, what’s the harm in it?

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