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Christin Perkins Stopped Comparing Her Body And Found Happiness

Christin Perkins transformation


Christin Perkins Stopped Comparing Her Body And Found Happiness

Christin Perkins found out why comparison is the thief of joy. Here’s how she found new happiness.

I struggled with body image issues from a very young age. I became pregnant at the age of 16 and, after giving birth to my daughter, my body felt foreign to me. I hated what I saw in the mirror and made mental notes of how unworthy I was because of my flaws.

At the age of 23, I was introduced to the world of bodybuilding and fell madly in love with it. The instant I saw results from all my hard work, I began to overtrain and eat less. I became obsessed. I developed an eating disorder and allowed the number on the scale to determine my self-worth



What really woke me up was the day my son woke up from a nap and I stood up from the couch and instantly became dizzy from being malnourished and overtraining. That same day I threw my scale away and stopped counting my calories.

After that, I realized I was made for greatness and that going through the darkness was necessary for me to become a stronger mother, athlete and role model. I began reminding myself that I am more than a body and that my self worth is not determined by meaningless things like the number on the scale.



My diet now consists of lean proteins, healthy fats and carbs. I’ve found happiness in sharing my story with other women who were struggling with similar issues. It is possible to break the chains and step into this space of self-love and acceptance.


Christin’s workout

Day 1. Chest

Bench press5x 20
Incline Flye5x 20
Incline bench press5x 20
Straight-arm pullover5x 20
Push-ups to failure x3


Day 2. Back (controlled)

Wide grip lat pulldowns5x 15
Close grip pulldowns5x 15
Single arm DB rows5x 15
Seated wide grip rows5x 15
Pull ups5x 15
Deadlifts5x 15
Hyperextensions to failurex5


Day 3. Legs

Leg extensions5x 20
Heavy squats5x 10-12
Heavy leg press5x 20
Weighted walking lunges5x 20
Dumbbell deadlifts5x 20
Seated leg curls 5x 20
Adductor 5x 20
Abductor 5x 20


Day 4. Arms

Dumbbell curls5x 20
Seated incline curls5x 20
21s with a barbellx4
Reverse grip pull-ups to failurex4
Dips (until burn out) x3
Tricep pushdowns5x 25
Laying tricep extensions5x 25
Close grip bench press to failurex3


Day 5. Shoulders

Shoulder press5x 15
Arnold press5x 15
Seated lateral raises 5x 20
Standing military press5x 15
Standing dropset lateral raises3x 15
Upright rows5x 20
Facepulls 5x 20


Day 6. Cardio/abs

Spin class1 hour
Ab wheel to failurex4
Russian twists to failurex4
Ball crunches5x15
*Day 7: Rest


Before: 120lb
After: 135lb


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