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Brooke Evers On How She Juggles Everything

Brooke Evers


Brooke Evers On How She Juggles Everything

Haven’t heard of Brooke Evers? You will. She’s combined two opposite lifestyles, staying in phenomenal shape while juggling international DJing along with TV commitments and more


DJing at some of the world’s biggest parties isn’t the kind of scene you’d expect to lend itself to the fitness lifestyle, but Brooke Evers makes it look effortless. A killer set of abs is something you’d be forgiven for not expecting from a popular DJ embroiled in the club scene.

After dominating Australia’s pop culture with magazine and TV appearances, TRAIN for HER caught up with Brooke to find out how she bucks the trend and maintains her phenomenal aesthetics in the face of living club life in the US and worldwide.


She’s a Brooke of all trades

My love for trying new things really stems from my youth when my mum encouraged me to try anything and everything.

I found that I really enjoyed sports but also loved performing arts and being in front of camera. I really owe what I do now to my mum for supporting me in all of the opportunities I had to try new things.


State champ to championing sports nutrition stateside

I always have my suitcase laying around and it’s pointless unpacking it because I’m rarely home long enough.

Fitness has been a big part of my life. At 13 years old, I was state champion in running track. With a travel schedule as crazy as mine it’s tough to hit the gym daily. It can get exhausting after a party but I always pack supplements in my suitcase along with my lifting gloves and skipping rope so that I can do some kind of training daily.


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Training on the go and how to keep the balance

My training varies depending on where I am. I like to lift weights whenever possible, but my location doesn’t always allow for it so my exercise regimen can go from walking lunges up and down hotel corridors, to skipping in my hotel room – I used to skip in national competitions – all the way to calisthenics outdoors. I’m a very active person and don’t like to stop moving, however busy my schedule gets.


Fighting temptation and food in flight

Nutrition can be difficult to keep on top of while on the road. I pack my Ghost whey protein wherever I go, which helps when I have a craving or fancy a binge, as well as BCAAs and vitamins. I do go out to dinner as I love trying all the foods in different cities. I tend to find that if I drink as much water as I can and stay away from breads and pastas (they bloat me), I can keep myself in shape on my travels.


So what does a DJ listen to on the move?

My own playlists go from two extremes to everything in between. On one end, you’ll find deep house and on the other, blink-182. I’m a fan of all types of music and what I listen to depends on the mood I’m in or looking for. Running lends itself to more chill music for me, but when I’m in the gym it’ll be more upbeat dance or EDM.

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