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Bethany Wagner’s Full Body And Mind Routine

Bethany Wagner


Bethany Wagner’s Full Body And Mind Routine

Preparation is key to success as you build strength and burn fat using this full body and mind routine.


Mental strength

To stay in the moment, I slow myself down. I focus on each rep. I take training one step at a time. I try not to think about how many total reps or sets I have to do that day, but one at a time. This helps me from feeling overwhelmed and from having thoughts such as “how am I going to get through this,” which fuels self-doubt. I also believe in self-affirmations during work, personal life and training. I like to call them ‘self-talks’. I tell myself: “OK Bethany, you can do this,” before a difficult set. In a less positive tone (but it works) I have told myself: “Suck it up, princess.”


Best results nutrition

I eat chicken or fish, white rice and green veggies one hour before training. It’s worth avoiding fats before train because they slow digestion and you’ll want immediate fuel.

I’ll have a Gaspari Precision protein shake then a whole-food meal, like the one above, 90 minutes later, five mins after training.


Nail nutrition on the move

1. Prepare to be on the move. Cook protein (chicken, fish, steak) for the time you’ll be away, vacuum seal it and freeze it.

2. Pack oatmeal and rice cakes for carbs. You can buy steamed rice or baked potatoes in most places.

3. Travel with a scale and extra Tupperware to weigh and measure meals as and when you need them.

4. A more expensive option is to research and order pre-made meals from a meal prep company.

5. If you’re in your own car, take your sautéing pan. Reheat your meals in it because eating out of Tupperware or a microwave can get old quick and sometimes unappetizing. Using a pan keeps food fresh and more flavorful.


Preparation means success

I take about two hours to meal-prep on Sunday and Wednesday. I weigh and measure all my meals and stack them in the fridge by day. I also pre-measure all my shakes into cups for the week.

In the morning, I grab my Tupperware from the fridge and two shakes, and I’m on my way. The key to surviving this schedule is to still be able to live one day at a time. I’m prepared for the next day but I’m not thinking about all the things I have to do. At times, it can be overwhelming, but I make a huge effort to compartmentalize my day. If you’re not organized, you can’t focus and be in the moment so your goals suffer.


Finding balance

I try not to let my training and nutritional lifestyles consume my life. My fun training activities are going to the beach, to dinner, the movies or anything with family and friends. It’s equally important to exercise my personal life as much as I do my fit life. I had to learn to ‘feed’ all the important aspects of my life. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a teacher, a coach and a friend, then someone who is into fitness and nutrition.

I had it wrong for a long time. It is a challenge to satisfy all the pieces, but in learning to do so I feel more fulfilled and happy.



Your total body workout


Day 1: Shoulders

Wide-grip barbell upright row4x 12-15
Single-arm DB lateral raise4 x 12-15
Underhand barbell front raise4 x 12-15
Dumbbell overhead press4 x 12-15
Cable rear delts4 x 12-15


Day 2: Quads

Leg extensions & dumbbell sumo squats4x 15
Front squat & back squat4x 15
Reverse hack squat & step ups4x 15
Leg press & walking lunges4x 15
*4 super-sets


Day 3: Back

Lat pulldown behind the head4x 12-15
Single-arm dumbbell row4x 12-15
Seated low row - V-grip to sernum4x 12-15
Hi-row pulldown (machine)4x 12-15
3/4 Deadlifts (below knee)4x 12-15


Day 4: Hamstring/glutes

Seated hamstring curl with abductors (machine)4x 12-15
Single-leg hamstring curl with step-ups4x 12-15
DB stiff legs with sumo squats4x 12-15
Deadlifts with hex bar with alternating curtsy lunges4x 12-15


Day 5: Biceps/triceps

Machine hammer curl & skullcrushers4x 12-15
Dumbbell bicep curls & DB overhead triceps4x 12-15
Tricep rope push downs & DB bicep hammer curls4x 12-15
Tricep dips & wide-grip EZ bar bicep curl 4x 12-15
*4 super-sets


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Bethany Wagner

Seven-time IFBB pro fitness champion, gymnastics coach and Gaspari athlete.

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