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Benefits of Licorice Root 

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Benefits of Licorice Root 

When you hear the word licorice does your mind take you to thoughts of twizzlers or those bitter tasting black licorice? Those aren’t the only types of licorice out there.

Licorice root has been around for centuries as apart of herbal medicine or homeopathic treatments. Despite the fact that it’s been around for so long, there is actually very limited studies and research into licorice root, but the results of the studies that have been completed are worth discussing.

Licorice root comes in many forms, anywhere from liquid to topical gel. It can be used to add flavoring to candies or help prevent certain types of cancer. Licorice root has been utilized to help soothe a cough that may arise with an upper respiratory infection in the form of a tea. Through studies this root has been shown to help ease and treat eczema as a topical gel, although studies are limited for the treatment of acne, some say it can help with that condition as well. This root has been shown to help treat heart burn, hot flashes, bacterial and viral infections. Licorice root has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

There are countless ways licorice root can be added into your medicine cabinet and become a routine staple with treating illnesses naturally. This article briefly covered lots of aspects on how licorice root is beneficial, but it is to be said not every benefit was fully covered. So next time you are feeling down with a viral respiratory infection and develop a cough, add licorice tea into your remedies and it will keep your cough at bay.

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